10 FA(makeup)Qs

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Q: How do I make my eyes look bigger?

A: The best way to create the illusion of a wider set of peepers is to use a gradient effect with eye shadow, blending the colors from dark to light. Keep the darkest shade on the outer corner to create depth, gradually becoming lighter as they approach the tear ducts.


Q: What cosmetic products are worth investing in?

A: Skin care and foundations. When it comes to these products, most often you get what you pay for. We are only given one skin in this life- so it is a worthy investment! Inexpensive brands may not have the technology to offer real results, or even worse, may clog pores. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples to test drive products until you find the one that is best for you!


Q: Am I too old to wear shimmery eye shadow?

A: You are never too old! Anyone can wear shimmer when applied in the right spots. Simply focus on areas of the eye that do not have lines or wrinkles—add a highlighter or shimmery shadow that has a fine texture to instantly brighten and awaken. Side note: Women of all ages should stay away from what I like to call “dandruff glitter,” if you are looking to achieve a sophisticated eye design.


Q: Can I wear a bold lip with a dramatic eye?

A: For evening wear or dressy occasions, a bold lip paired with a dramatic eye is a very glamorous look. Create your dramatic eye with neutral colors to keep the two features from competing with each other.


Q: What is the purpose of primer?

A: Primer is used underneath foundation to extend its wear, fill in pores, and smooth lines. Some primers have additional benefits such as, hydrating, light diffusing, oil controlling, spot correcting, etc. for all of us multi-tasking product junkies out there; so be sure to know what your needs are.


Q: Can I wear waterproof mascara every day?

A: Sure— you can wear it every day, but I would not recommend it. Waterproof mascara is usually more difficult to wash off, often taking some lashes captive during the removal process. Also, it can be harsh on the lash because of the added ingredients to keep it in place come hell or high water. Save the waterproof for those tearful days, and stick to a water resistant mascara for every day.


Q: Why does my foundation look cakey?

A: There are many factors that need to be considered when evaluating the finish of a foundation. What is the current condition of your skin? What does your skin care regimen look like? Are you choosing the right color foundation? Have you chosen the right formula for your skin type? Are you exfoliating?


Q: How do I make my eyes “pop?”

A: Many people regard their eyes as one of their best features, and want to bring attention to them in the best way possible. The easiest way to do this is to use eye shadow colors contrasting to your eye color. Let’s turn to the color wheel to answer what the contrasting colors are. If you have blue eyes, try peach, gold, or copper shades. Green eyes? Experiment with hues of purples and lavenders. Brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so brown eyed babes have many options. Go big with jewel tones pigments such as cobalt or jade to make a statement.  


Q: Do I need to wear eye shadow primer?

A: I am a strong believer in using shadow primer every day. This small product holds so many benefits. For example: it 1) allows the shadow’s true colors to be clear, 2) intensifies the shadow’s pigment, 3) holds the shadow on longer, 4) prevents creasing of eye shadow, 5) evens out the eyelid complexion to hide any imperfections, and 6) controls oil on the lid. If that’s not enough reason to start using a shadow base, I don’t know what is!


Q: How do I wear eyeliner if I have small eye lids?

A: For those who have small eyelids, eyeliner on the upper lid can create an unintentional smokey eye, no matter how much you have mastered a thin line. Instead, try lining the inner rim of the upper lashes (often called tight lining) to define the eyes without using any of the eyelid space.