10 Ways to Make More Time for Your Family

Time is your family’s most precious non-renewable resource.

Time, or the lack of it, drives many of us to live at a frantic pace.

There is an enormous cost to being in a chaotic rush each day.

This year, renew your commitment to begin family traditions which make room for you to experience the true joy of family life. Here are 10 Ways to Make More Time for Your Family:

  1. Practice making choices by limiting after school/work activities.
  2. Use a family-oriented calendar system to track the schedule of each family members and important reference information.
  3. Turn off the TV to allow more time for reading, talking, playing and learning.
  4. Enjoy food and meals together by making dinner “an oasis in time,” without interruption.
  5. Make a weekly meal mandatory for everyone in the family to share.
  6. Claim a tree or outdoor area as a spot to visit regularly to read together.
  7. Cook double the quantity needed to save or freeze half for another night.
  8. Participate in outdoor activities as a family including picking apples, hiking or riding bikes.
  9. Get enough sleep to help you feel rested and calm.
  10. Specify a night to spend at home to eat pizza, play games and talk.

“Parents fight a daily battle as they try not only to meet all their responsibilities for work, care giving, and housework, but also to hold on to a few crumbs of time they call their own,” says Kerry Daly, professor at the University of Guelph, in his paper “It Keeps Getting Faster: Changing Patterns of Time in Families.”

Time is your family’s most precious non-renewable resource. Doing your best to make the most of this component magically turns a collection of individuals into a stronger, more robust group of people.  

~Lauren Baldwin

Lauren Baldwin is a proud mother to 2 boys under age three, as well as the owner of The Goddard School located in Marlboro, New Jersey.  As a childcare expert  for over 11 years and  a mother herself, she is committed to providing a safe, happy, and healthy environment where learning is also fun for the children in her preschool.  


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