15th Annual Garment District Fashion & Art Festival Hosted by SMF Global Consultants


On Thursday, October 18th The 15th Annual Garment District Fashion & Art Festival started off with a bang courtesy of the collaborative efforts of SMF Global Consultants, The Garment District Alliance & ZAZ10TS. SMF Global CEO, Sean Michael Frazier along with his amazing team created and curated an exclusive art instillation within a construction site in the heart of Times Square. Sean also lovingly known as #theModelCEO was asked why he chose such a rugged space to have an art installation, he replied “As soon as I saw the space it spoke to me. New York is the definition of art, fashion & culture. You don’t fight with New York, you embrace New York and thats how I approached the space. Everyday, when our feet hit the pavement this is our Runway. No matter where we are at any given moment we are surrounded by art and fashion inspired moments. I just enhanced the beauty that was already there. Immersing one of a kind couture gowns in the midst of the beautiful chaos of the city was my way of expressing the beauty of the balance between art and fashion. I saw an opportunity to create a real NY moment in the heart of the city and thats what we did.”

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As the guest arrived they were immediately transported to into a world that seemed to be birthed from the depths of the Matrix meets the Met Gala. Heavy urban rhythms bounced off the walls as cocktails flowed endlessly though the night. Everyone was in awe of the breathtaking gowns designed by SMF Global long time client Elie Youssef who displayed designs from previous collections that draped heavenly celebrity bodies

such as Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Rowland. Cameras flashed non stop to capture the the yellow and black flannel worn by Beyoncé, when modeling for her dear friend and long time stylist/creative director Ty Hunter during his fashion collaboration with Served Fresh. Also on display were the phenomenal designs of Milagros Batista from her custom hand knitted Batista Collection showcasing her iconic design which went viral when worn by Ty Hunter during Afropunk Festival in Paris. Last but not least was the amazing craftsmanship and designs of performance artist Psyche Of Sound who’s custom metal work was beyond inspiring. His custom armor, instruments and designs were definitely a highlight of the evening.

Lucky Church, partner and Director of PR for SMF Global said “Sean Michael Frazier is a true genius and innovator. You give him lemons and he will give you diamond crusted lemonade served in a vintage wine glass from the 1800’s. You won’t know how he did it but you will be glad he did. Absolutely one of the most brilliant minds in business & fashion.”

This event was the perfect way to introduce the SMF Global team to New York and the world as their company commercial beamed from the billboard attached to the building 10 Times Square. In the city that never sleeps, SMF Global is the breath of fresh air that gives the heart of NYC a reason to beat. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

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