2017 Expert Hair Trend Predictions

What will be the hottest hair looks this upcoming year? “After the super polish of the last few seasons, hair is getting messy again (sort of) and it’s a grown-up sort of mess,” says Marc Anthony, celebrity hair stylist and founder of the Marc Anthony Hair Care brand. “It’s inspired by the season’s couture fashion. This time around, it has a cleaner aesthetic and an elegance we adore.”

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Want the head’s up on the styles poised to make a big splash? Here, Anthony shares his top predictions:

Natural Waves

“We use the word natural loosely… if you don’t have waves, make them. The waves are softer and looser (think Gigi), the sort of waves you can take out at night. They are the sort of waves you make full-on glamour, then distress them to create a bit of an edge. Getting this look is easy with a Beach Waves Beach Spray and a large barrel curling iron.”

Extra Volume

“It comes and goes, but now it’s back and has a bit of extra voom (think Gucci). It may be big, but hair still has movement and tons of shine this time out. We love the almost-slept-in sort of sexy this look delivers. If volume had a disheveled morning-after look, this would be it. Volume without shine is not what we want this season. Add an Argan Oil Dry Styling Oil to the finished look to catch the fashion week shine vibe.”

Ballerina Bun

“Ballerina dreams…the bun is back in a big way this season—it’s become the go-to for most of our events. There is always an elegance to tying your hair back neatly, but when it’s low and near the neck, there is a subversive sexiness to it that adds an edge to formal wear (think Ryan Roche). This time it has a bit of texture, and we love mixing in some fabric or bauble bits before wrapping. Keep your ballerina bun polished all day long with an Argan Oil Volume Shine Spray.”

Marc Anthony is a beauty industry veteran, working with celebrities like Blake Lively, Chris Martin, Paris Hilton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Harrison Ford, and styling looks for the Oscars, the Emmys, and more.

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