2019 Must Have Items To Accessorise Your Summer


Summer 2019 is in full swing. For some, this means reposing in a yacht near the Mediterranean’s pristine waters. For others, it means sipping cocktails amidst Europe’s social scene in Mykonos. However you are spending your days, whether you are traveling to an exotic destination, or simply cruising to the Hamptons in a convertible that just happens to match your right-shade-of-red lipstick, here is a list of Bella’s must have items to accessorize your summer:

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Pink, Chic & oh so Fabulous, ASOS’s hot new neon two piece is the epitome of Summer 2019. Along with a full clothing and accessories line, ASOS pieces range from floral and fresh to bold & neon. Check out their full range of styles available now on their site.

Confessions of A Rebel

From the creators of beauty is defined by each & perfection falls flat, comes gen-free scents that celebrate the spirit of rebelliousness that exists within each of us. Scents that encapsulate moments that can’t be contained – the ones we can’t help but revel in. Confessions of A Rebel strips backs the sheen of glamour to reveal everything underneath: raw, real and alluringly messy. Check out their confessions – Get A Room & About Last Night are just a couple of our favorites.

American Apparel

Whether you are cruising through the Amalfi Coast, swimming in the hues of Greece’s turquoise waters, or simply dancing next to the canvas that is Tuscany, American Apparel’s new summertime basics have you covered. The American brand has done it again – transformed old American comfort into undeniably glamorous. 

Deck of Scarlet

Coming in a variety of colors, Deck of Scarlet’s new Ocean Palette is ideal for Summer 2019. From ethereal to extra, the shades range from glossy pink champagne to Icy blue with silver shimmer and satin finish. Launching this July, Siren of the Sea delivers prismatic pigments laced with micro-glitter make you look and feel femme, fierce, and bold.


Whoever said jewels were a girl’s best friend, was absolutely right. Inspired by our favorite crystals – Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Black Onyx,Citrine & Amethyst– Scentbird is tapping into Earth’s natural rhythms to promote a sense of holistic wellbeing with their latest capsule collection of crystal face masks. With five unique formulas designed to combat everything from anti-aging to dry skin, their crystal masks help refresh, revive and hydrate tired skin by drawing from the healing properties of crushed crystals incorporated within the mask.



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