2021 Weddings: A Look at the In-Colors

Color palettes are the foundation of interior design and design in general, and choosing the right one could transform the whole feel of a room or event. There are few instances where this is more important than when decorating for a wedding. The palette has to fit the season, but some can fall in and out of fashion. Unless you’re on top of all the recent trends, however, it’s easy to go for a ‘classic’ look that might end up feeling outdated. Let’s take a look at some of the colours for the 2021 wedding season.

Green and Dusty Rose

Green is always a winner for weddings as it evokes images of nature and new beginnings. But when combined with a color like dusty rose, you really get that extra touch of elegance that would be perfect for a wedding. Emerald bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous and complement the groom and bride perfectly.

This color scheme is also a perfect choice for those thinking of holding the wedding in the spring or outdoors, especially on somewhere like a sandy beach. You can add touches of these colors to invites, centerpieces, the groom and bride’s chair, and anywhere else you can think of.

Light Blue and Blush Pink

Some say that we should expect to see blush pink everywhere for weddings next year, and it’s easy to see why. It matches perfectly with most other wedding colors and is also a great color choice for a wedding dress.

Speaking of wedding dresses, you really don’t have to pay in the thousands for a nicely made blush pink dress. Rather than heading to upscale boutiques, why not search for these dresses on the high street? For Better For Worse has compiled a list of the budget wedding dresses from high street stores. Not only are they all affordable, but they took the time to divide them by price bracket. They even have a few dresses for under £100 if you’re looking for something for a simple ceremony.

Dusty Gray and Dusty Blue

It seems like the ‘dusties’ are going to dominate 2021, but they do look perfect in a wedding setting. Dusty grey and blue make for stunning table tops and are another great choice if you are thinking of holding an outside event. Dusty blue glasses and napkins with grey candles, chairs, and white tablecloths will work perfectly with rustic flower arrangements and a natural backdrop. You can add touches of dusty blue or grey to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the groom’s suit and accessories, or even the cake.

Sage Green and Navy Blue

This combination is perfect if you’re looking for something that will stand out. This is not a combination that you’ll see everywhere, but you’ll quickly understand why it looks so great for weddings. Navy blue is a classic for a men’s suit, but it’s when it’s combined with sage green that you get something special. Pair the suit with a sage bouquet, and make sure that decorative elements like chairs, table tops and drapery have touches of it. This is also a great color for wedding invites.

Plum and Gray

Plum is a fantastic color for wedding decor and will make any event look elegant. If you want to achieve a more modern look, combine plum with grey variants. Any type of grey will do, with solid grays being more formal, and dusty grays being more playful and suitable for an outdoor wedding or reception.

You can also play with the colors with the clothing. For instance, you could have the bridesmaids’ dresses in plum and the best men wearing grays. You could also add touches of plum to the groom’s suit.

Sage Green and Lavender

This is sage green’s second appearance on this list, and we can expect it to see it often in 2021. Not only does it look great with navy blue, but with gentler tones like lavender as well. This one has much more of a floral feel, and will make for softer décor. It’s another great option for an event out in nature. This mix is perfect if you want to go heavy on the floral arrangements. You can also get creative with the wedding invites and add some dried flowers to them.

Gold and Emerald

Gold and emerald is a great option if you’re looking for something classic that will work in virtually any setting. Emerald is already great on its own, but when it’s coupled with gold, you get something much more regal and elegant. Mix emerald napkins and vases with golden plates to elevate any wedding decor.


These are just some of the top color arrangements we should see a lot of in 2021 weddings. Take these as inspiration, but don’t be afraid to try something completely out of the box if you want something more eccentric.

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