28 Day Fitness Challenge

BELLA sat down with Robert to learn more about the NYlean25™ fitness plan and how New Yorkers (and others!) can take advantage of his wellness program.

By Lisa Camerlengo


You may know fitness trainer Robert Brace from Food Network’s hit show, “Fat Chef,” which profiles culinary professionals on their personal weight loss journeys, and featured Staten Island’s own Jeffrey Kochman. Brace, who was also named one of “New York’s Top Fitness Gurus” by the New York Daily News, is the founder of the innovative workout system, NYlean25™, the same workout program featured on “Fat Chef,” which can be used at home with his 28-Day Challenge DVDs. 

BELLA sat down with Robert to learn more about the NYlean25™fitness plan and how New Yorkers (and others!) can take advantage of his wellness program.

What is the NYlean25™ plan? How does it work?

The NYlean25™ plan is an intense, fat-burning program that, when performed three times a week, yields dramatic results in six weeks. It works because of an interval training technique used by Olympic athletes and strength training. The interval training boosts your metabolism, turning your body into a fat-burning engine, while the strength training builds muscle tone and definition.

What are the typical results?

We have seen people lose between seven and 17 pounds in one month, and 20 pounds in six weeks.

Since this workout plan is designed for busy people, do you have any tips for ensuring that a fitness routine remains a priority in a (hectic) daily schedule?

It starts with the decision to make working out a part of your lifestyle. When you feel fit, healthy and confident you have the energy to work longer, play harder and love deeper! That’s valuable. Keep that workout on your schedule and don’t move it!

The 28-Day Challenge is a more intense commitment. What can people expect from this program? And, when should they opt for the 28-Day Challenge as opposed to the NYlean25™?

The 28-Day Challenge is a month-long program as compared to six weeks ofNYlean25™. It began when NY-based comedian Mark Malkoff challenged me to get him six-pack abs in a month. We did it in 28 days; the video went viral and the response has been overwhelming ever since.

The 28-Day Challenge is more intense in that it is designed to completely transform your body in 28 days, with four, 45-minute workouts per week. The system incorporates more “insider training” tips and “fierce form” principles that super-charge your weight loss and toning results. The DVD series even reveals how to reduce your waist size by an inch in one minute. It’s a great option when you are traveling or want to complement any workout routine. Opt for this program if you need big results in a short period of time – for example, when preparing for a wedding, reunion, interview, the beach or any media appearances – or just want to look great as soon as possible.

What type of diet do you recommend for each program?

I recommend a low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar diet with a variety of choices and frequent small meals. The nutritional plan is designed to work with interval training so that, while your metabolism is boosted, you burn as much body fat as possible. We have two versions: The Options Plan, which is a first step, and The Lean Down Plan, for those who want something a little more aggressive. You should not feel hungry on either diet. The idea is not to “starve yourself to be skinny,” but to “fuel your body.”

Do you have any workout tips for the summer months? 

Interval training, interval training, interval training! It’s the fastest way to lose weight and get lean. The quick bursts of high intensity followed by short bursts of rest raise your metabolism, burn fat and build lean muscle in a fraction of the time of a regular workout.

Many of our readers are in New York City. How can they take advantage of this unique program?

“Visit NYLean25.com or stop by our locations in Tribeca (Manhattan) or Park Slope (Brooklyn).”

For more fitness tips, workout routines and advice, visit RobertBrace.com. To order the DVD, visit The28DayChallenge.com.

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