3 Basic Summer Makeup Tips for Every Woman

Summer is probably the most fun and enjoyable season for a lot of people because this is the time when they can do a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, picnicking, sailing, and so on. You don’t want to be cooped up inside your house when the sun outside is shining brightly and the temperature is hot! And since you will be outside, you should always try to look beautiful by wearing summer makeup.

The kind of makeup that you wear during Summer is a lot different than the makeup you wear in other seasons like winter, spring, or fall. This is because in summer, you have to consider the hot temperature and the dryness or humidity, depending on where you live. However, it is important to always look your best especially in summer season because this is the time when you are invited to a lot of parties and activities.

Here 3  summer makeup tips you can try out today:

  • It is important to apply primer before you wear makeup and after using moisturizer on your face. Wearing primer holds your makeup in place even after wearing it for several hours. People who are active in the summer like volunteers or camp counselors are advised to wear primer to keep their makeup intact all throughout the day.
  • When summer comes, you have to switch to light makeup. You do not want to wear tons of gunk on your face that will make you look like a clown and will be too hot and heavy for the weather. Keep it light, just like what you do with your clothes. Moreover, keeping it light will prevent your makeup from becoming cakey because of the heat and humidity.
  • Applying bronzer is also the way to go when summer comes. You want to look tanned and healthy. Make sure that you add color to your face. It does not only make your skin look healthier., but it also gives you that fun and sexy glow, which is popular in summertime.

Now go have fun in the sun!

What are some tips that work for you during the summer? Leave me a comment below!

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