3 Reasons Why You’re Not Too Old to Get Braces

By Ella Woodward

A lot of adults have crooked teeth and believe that they’re too old to get them corrected. They automatically assume that they’ll need to get heavy metal braces and decide to live with their crooked teeth instead. But that’s a huge mistake in our opinion. There have been so many advances in orthodontics over the last four years, and there is no reason for you to just put up with them. If you knew of all the available options, you probably wouldn’t be making this decision. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you’re not too old to get braces.

Bad Teeth Can Affect Your Professional Prospects

We hate to say this, but people’s appearance plays a huge role in their chances of getting the job of their dreams. Whether it’s on your LinkedIn profile picture, online resume or portfolio, or in-person during interviews, you will stand out for the wrong reasons if you have severely crooked teeth and it could make a bad impression.

We’re not saying that crooked teeth will be an automatic disqualifier, but it could be a distraction. And, if you’re in a field where appearance is very important, you can expect crooked teeth to have a significant impact on your chances of getting hired.

You Don’t Need to Go for Traditional Braces

One of the things that scare people the most is having to sport a mouth full of metal over the age of 30, and that’s perfectly understandable. But you should know that there are so many different options right now, and some of them will make the braces virtually impossible to see with the naked eye. Some braces work exactly like traditional braces but are made from a translucent material. You also have braces that are installed behind the teeth. These are called lingual braces and are increasingly popular. They are much more expensive than other types of braces, however, and they don’t work for all conditions, so this is something you should know before choosing them.

If budget is a major issue for you, know that you could go for invisible braces or aligners instead. The clear brace cost in the UK varies but you could get clear braces from Straight My Teeth for as little as £999. These teeth aligners can be installed directly on your teeth without having to undergo a procedure. Services like these will send you an impressions kit so they can get a mould of our teeth and then send your aligners a few weeks after they get the kit back. This is bar none the most convenient way to get braces and they’ll be unnoticeable to anyone who doesn’t look closely at your teeth.

You’ll Avoid Complications

The damage crooked teeth can cause goes way beyond aesthetics. Crooked teeth can lead to severe complications like gum infections, and gum infections can lead to things like heart issues. This is not something that should be taken lightly, so look at different solutions and see if one would work for you.

It’s never too late to look after your teeth, and if you’ve had crooked teeth forever, maybe now is the time for a change. Speak with a few professionals today and consider getting some form of treatment as soon as possible.

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