4 Ways to Make Your Life More Flexible


It’s important to have enough structure in your life. For many of us today, we struggle with making progress towards our goals, specifically because we’re not very good at organizing a timetable, or doing things when they need to be done.

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But, having too much rigid structure in your life can also be a serious problem, and can lead to stagnation, boredom, and a serious decline in psychological well-being.

As always, balance is important in order to keep things working properly.

If you feel that you’ve been living far too rigidly recently, and aren’t able to find the time or opportunities to follow some of your goals, hang out with the people closest to you, or get started on that fitness program you’re really interested in, here are a few things you can do to make your life more flexible.

Sign up for services that allow you to cancel at any time, and that bill monthly

When you are signed up to different kinds of contracts, you can often find yourself feeling far more restricted than you’d like. At first, this might not seem like such a big deal. But when you’re completely tied into a restrictive phone contract, in addition to a car repayment scheme, and a subscription software service that bills you a significant chunk of money annually, problems can occur.

Start to change things around in this area of your life, and sign up for services that allow you to cancel at any time, and that bill monthly. Switching your phone plan to a https://smarty.co.uk/sim-only deal, for example, is a great and straightforward way of beginning this process.

Of course, you won’t always be able to just drop or alter any services or contracts you’re currently signed up to. But, you can start the ball rolling.

Think about going the “low tech” route, and organizing your life in a Bullet Journal

Modern digital and electronic tools and devices are amazing in all sorts of ways, and can really enhance your quality of life if used properly and carefully.

If you’re too dependent on these kinds of devices, though, you can find that they end up restricting you in all sorts of ways. For one thing, you’re caught in a constant and ongoing consumer cycle, that involves paying large amounts of money for the newest version of a product, or to replace an old one that’s broken down.

For another thing, many of these tools and services come with subscription plans.

And if you’ve become dependent on some web-based tool in order to structure your life, you’re going to be in an uncomfortable situation if you ever want to spend any length of time away from an Internet connection.

One way of increasing the flexibility you have in your life, could be to go the “low-tech” route, and organise your life in a Bullet Journal.

The Bullet Journal Method, created by Ryder Carroll, involves tracking, planning, and managing just about every dimension of your life, via a classic paper notebook, using a smart system of symbols and shortcuts.

For many people, Bullet Journalling is an amazing way of regaining a sense of independence and escaping complete technological domination.

Angle for a remote working situation, or set yourself up as a digital entrepreneur

Greater and greater numbers of people today are moving away from traditional, location-based work, and are establishing themselves as digital entrepreneurs, or are seeking employment with companies that allow them to work remotely.

Whether you are interested in seeking out a remote working role within an established company, or are interested in forging your own professional path, becoming a location-independent worker can greatly increase the degree of flexibility you enjoy in your life.

Generally, these sorts of working arrangements will mean that you can set your own hours, take an early lunch break if you want, in order to meet up with a friend in town, or even do some work on the road, while seeing the world.

Become a master of discipline and of scheduling your time

Ironically, if you feel that your life is too stagnant and predictable, and lacks flexibility, one of the best things you can often do to change the situation is to become a master of discipline and time scheduling.

Although discipline and time scheduling are “rigid” in one pretty evident sense, they also allow you to capitalise on the time that is available to you, and to do more things with that time.

If you’re constantly procrastinating and being inefficient in your use of time, you won’t have as many opportunities to do as many interesting things. If you use your time efficiently, however, all sorts of possibilities present themselves.

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