The 5 Best US Locations To Take A Vacation To This Winter

It’s not too late to book an American holiday this winter. With lots of last minute deals flooding the internet, why not try escaping to one of these locations in the New Year?

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Fairbanks, Alaska

For those wanting a taste of the arctic, Alaska is the place to go. The state offers beautiful untouched landscapes and the chance to see wildlife such moose, bears and mountain goats. Its proximity to the North Pole and lack of pollution also make it the perfect place to catch the Northern Lights. Coach tours can help you find the best viewing location with staff providing a warm yurt to shelter in and hot drinks to sip on.


Park City, Utah

This winter hotspot is ideal for skiing fanatics, offering some of the country’s most prized pistes. Advanced skiiers may also be interested in some of the off-piste opportunities on offer. Other activities available include taking a ride on a snowcat and dog sledding. It’s a great place for active families and adrenaline junkies – although those simply wanting to relax may also find pleasure in the region’s many bars and restaurants. With a large selection of vacation homes on offer, many make this an annual vacation destination.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Another popular ski destination, Jackson Hole is also home to some of the country’s most impressive wildlife from eagles to elk. You can take a sleigh ride through the 25,000 acre National Elk Refuge – a great attraction if you’ve got children. Many also choose to visit the legendary Yellowstone Park, which is in the area. Stay in one of the area’s guest ranches and take a hire car or a shuttle bus to the park where you can go boating and visit the notorious caldera.


Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City overlooks Lake Michigan and is great for anyone pursuing a cultural getaway. The vibrant city is the number one US producer of tart cherries, holding a cherry festival every year during harvest time. Its multiple vineyards also bring in many wine-lovers, with Chateau Grand Traverse famously using frozen Riesling grapes to create ‘ice wine’. A great romantic destination, many of the city’s restaurants are positioned by the lake so that you can gaze out over the water whilst you dine. Those into their theatre can also seek some late night entertainment at the city’s prestigious opera house.


Berkshires, Massachusetts

The Berkshires offer vast highland landscapes perfect for hikers and those simply wanting to feel at one with nature. There’s an extensive network of picturesque and challenging walking trails in the area, the mighty Appalachian trail being one of them. Those hoping to spot some wildlife may be lucky enough to spot skunks, raccoons, black bears and coyotes, all protected by the national park. If you visit in February, you may even be able to catch the 10 x 10 Upstreet Arts Festival, a great opportunity for foodies and fans of dance.

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