5 Sectrets for Staying Beautiful from the Inside-Out

By Lauren Vena

“You’re the most beautiful person in the world if you have a kind heart and beautiful soul.” ~ Unknown

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As one of BELLA’s Beauty Correspondents, it would be easy to take advantage of the upcoming holidays and talk about the best beauty deals, my favorite makeup products, the hottest red lipstick, and so on—but I’m not going to do that. So many people focus on the self-care that gets done to the outside of the body. But after being in the beauty industry for more than 20 years, I know firsthand that self-care is all about what I do on the inside. Beauty starts from within. Holidays are often the hardest time for self-care because we are so busy taking care of our loved ones and neglect ourselves when we really need it the most. That’s why I thought it’d be helpful to share my beauty-insider secrets to staying beautiful from the inside-out…

Laugh, Smile, and Be Happy

We’ve all heard it before, but laughter truly is the best medicine. How about smiling so much that you make your cheeks hurt? I mean, have you ever looked at someone and they’re smiling or laughing, and you’re like, “Wow they are beautiful just from pure happiness”?! Not only does smiling emit the beauty of joy, it also allows your beauty to radiate from the inside-out.

Remove Your Makeup at Night

I can’t preach this enough! I get it… by the end of the night, I’m exhausted, too. The last thing I want to do is start scrubbing my face—except it 100% makes a difference! Take five minutes to yourself and give yourself a mini (baby mini) facial. All you need is some eyemakeup remover and a good cleanser, then top it off with moisturizer.

Use Moisturizer and Sunscreen

These are the two products that help us fight wrinkles and prevent aging. Use an oilcontrol moisturizer if your skin is combination to oily and
a moisturizer that’s rich and creamy for dry skin. It will help hydrate you!

Baby Your Brows

These help accentuate the eyes and shape your face. While we can’t all have been born with the perfect brows, be sure to keep a natural shape whether you wax, tweeze, or thread. You can also find a natural brow pencil or shadow to help fill in if needed.

Stay Hydrated

I’m a coffee girl—it’s how I survive my crazy schedule, which often includes early mornings and late nights. Staying hydrated by drinking water not only prevents dehydration, it also improves your mood, allows you to think more clearly, and stabilizes your internal body temperature. Plus, it makes your skin look young and gorgeous!


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