5 Simple Ways We Ladies Can Sport the Preppy Look this Summer

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Long gone are the days when the word “preppy” was strictly used to refer to young, clean-dressed, well-to-do lads and ladies that go to private school. While the financial status and school choices are still facets of the preppy culture, the clean-dressed aspect of prep has been trending the loudest as of late. There is just something so appealing about stylishly rocking pastel tones, nautical patterns, polos, plaids and lazy footwear. Prep-wear exudes a certain casual confidence, as well as a fun, laid back, approachable appeal. 

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And the best part is, anyone including guys, girls, and kids can achieve this look with a little guidance, and it doesn’t have to cost as much as you would think. Below are five simple ways ladies can get preppy this summer. 

5 Simple Ways We Ladies Can Sport the Preppy Look this Summer:

Pants, shorts, skirts and dresses: There is no room for baggy jeans, booty shorts or neon skirts in your prep closet. While those options might be stylish in their own way, they do not represent the preppy look that you are seeking. Pieces such as wedge collar polo dresses by Johnnie-O as well as pleated seersucker skirts, Chino shorts, khaki pants and light colored skinny jeans are all essentials of preppy fashion. 

T-shirts and blouses: Preppy tops are more about comfort and flowiness, therefore, no skin-tight shirts or tops with loud prints on them would do. Your preppy T-shirt and blouses drawer should consist of pastel-colored polo shirts, loose-fitting t-shirts, breezy tunics and ruffle collared blouses. 

Footwear: Preppy footwear is perhaps the most laid-back component of the look. Shop for options such as slip-on flats in both pastel tones and plaid as well as boat shoes, canvases, braided leather sandals and fabric sandals. 

Accessorize: There are tons of fun ways to accessorize your preppy wardrobe – you will need a pair or two of subtly designed sunglasses that effortlessly fits the frame of your face as well as a few pieces of fun nautical themed jewelry. Scarves are always fun to accessorize with, and so are pastel toned topper hats. 

Wear it with confidence: The one thing you have to remember when attempting to adopt the preppy look is to wear the style with confidence. High self-esteem is so much a part of the preppy culture, therefore, you are not allowed to walk with your head down or avoid eye contact. You must own the look and simply wear it with confidence. 

Additionally, your hair should not be over-styled – a simple wash-and-go, lightly curled look will fit the clean-cut appeal just fine. Preppy fashion has grown to become one of the most sort-after looks for people of all ages and walks of life. The trend is easy to master and the options are completely versatile. You can sport your prep-wear at work, at a casual outing, on the beach or on a romantic date night. It’s all about matching the pieces together and rocking it with confidence.

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