5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out!

This feels like a repeat, because it is. With summer finally here and having had time to adapt to our ‘normal,’ getting back to doing things that we love feels fabulous!

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And because self-care continues to be at the top of my priority list, I am excited to share with you some fun activities that continue to bring me back to myself. Hope they serve you as a little (or big) source of inspiration to help get you back to yourself too!

1 Tame Your Mane
After getting COVID in December, my hair began to subtly fall out. I had been through a similar crisis a a few years ago, so I didn’t panic. Instead, I got proactive and discovered Maka Capilar Health Growth Drops for Women and Men – Anti Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Treatment with 1.5% Minoxidil. It’s a game-changer! Not only does it add extra strength to your scalp and stop receding hairline, you will regrow new hair by restoring dying hair follicles. Used in combination with their entire line, your locks will thank you for helping it restore back to health. Since using, I am asked if I have extensions in my hair—it’s that good!

2 Travel
I’ve discovered just how much my soul needs a change of scenery from time to time. Going back home to reconnect with family and promote BELLA Latina was truly a blessing. I was able to see just how much love and support we have for this new endeavor, and bringing it back home to my mom for her approval was truly priceless!

3 Family Time
I’ve always believed that family time is about quality, not quantity. And while that’s practically all we’ve done over the past two years, I know that we will never get back these precious moments. What a gift—to see my children grow up! My little guy won his second basketball championship, and my oldest received the Presidential Academic Achievement Award for painting honors through his entire middle school tenure. These moments have been nothing short of epic.

4 Have a Date Night with Yourself
It’s underrated and understated, however, I do this often. Spending time alone and rekindling my connection to myself is something I need for my mental health. Time doesn’t stop, so it takes conscious, daily efforts to stay in touch with the things that light you up.

5 Chillax with Friendships That Fuel Your Soul
These girls are the sisters I never had. When we get to reconnect in person, we help each other embrace our successes and failures and give each other back the joy we may have been missing when life takes over.

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