7 BELLA Bosses We Admire this April!

This April we are celebrating 7 BELLA Bosses we admire! From Fashion and Beauty to Art and Creative Minds, these BELLA Bosses are an inspiration. Check out these fabulous entrepreneurs here…

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Ranu Coleman

Location:San Jose, CA

Business/Brand/Company:Azazie & Blush Mark

Title:Head of Marketing

Website:www.azazie.comand www.blushmark.com


I am the Head of Marketing for Azazie – the preeminent direct-to-consumer bridal and bridesmaid dress company – and Blush Mark – a new affordable lifestyle fashion brand. Both marry innovative technology with online shopping. I lead the global content and channel strategies for both brands, which includes social media, ambassador programs, influencer partnerships, public relations and more.


I have always had a passion and interest in the fashion industry, and decided to go to fashion school at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA after getting my Bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine. It was the best decision I ever made. From there, I had an internship with Kenneth Cole in Fashion Marketing and never looked back.

Marketing felt like such a natural transition for me because it involved two things I love and am good at: writing and strategic thinking. After years of working in various retail companies (both B2C and B2B) I landed my dream role as the Head of Marketing for Azazie and Blush Mark.


The most rewarding thing about working in marketing is that every day is different. One day you spend 100% of your time on social media listening to your customers and the next you are working on large scale global plans. It’s fast-paced, exciting and rewarding!


Having confidence and drive. Throughout your career, people are going to doubt you and say you aren’t ready for that challenge or next opportunity. Those types of messages have always driven me to work harder to prove those people wrong.

Sylwia Wiesenberg

Location:New York

Business/Brand/Company:Bawdy Beauty

Title:Founder, CEO



I take care of your body, and your bawdy.

BAWDY is a different kind of skincare brand. Inspired by adventure. Grounded in play. Unapologetic about self-care. Most skincare brands start at the top but Bawdy starts beauty with the bottom and up. We created the Original Butt Mask and practice skincare rituals that care for our most neglected part: the butt. I want you to shake up your beauty narrative with products that let you get naked, feel confident and experience BAWDY freedom.


Ihave been butt and body-obsessed for as long as I can remember—eyes always looking ahead. Back then it was mostly about the power of the butt muscle and the performance of the body since I was a gymnast. Nowadays it’s about adding a butt and body beauty routine to keep the assets looking and feeling fabulous.

After graduating from Notre Dame I chose to join an advertising agency and work in London, afterwards I switched jobs and I worked in finance glued to my desk and chair all day long trading. After I moved to New York, I decided to switch my career paths and go back to what I love doing the most – movement.

I call myself a body architect with a vision for beauty rituals grounded in touch. I developed a workout called Tonique, a method designed to transform shape and posture from the base up. That base is the butt! After giving so much attention to this part of the body, I realized that no one in the beauty space was giving it the attention it deserved. 

Every butt is unique and has its own personality from the way it’s shaped to the way it moves. Trust me, there are more than just pears, apples and peaches out there—and Im all about celebrating individuality.

I started Bawdy with the Original Butt Mask to shake up the monotonous beauty narrative and bring more fun to beauty and self-care. (Its impossible not to laugh if youre wearing a butt mask.) 

I love a reason to get naked and believe in the power of touch. All of Bawdy’s products are designed to  help you connect with yourself and your body through unapologetic and clean-beauty self-care. 

Bawdy is an extension of me. It is about finding more body love, freedom and confidence. Feeling great in your body allows you to stand strong and go for it—whatever that is. 


Bringing people joy and opportunity to feel alive, happy and energized.


Passion, Obsession, Persistence.

Laura Shape

Location: Denver, CO

Business/Brand/Company: Viv & Edie

Title: Owner and Artist

Website: vivandedie.com


I hand make one of a kind and custom minaudière clutches. My bags are for women who want the materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail of a fine luxury brand, but who also want something unique, fresh and fun. These are definitely not your grandmother’s luxury bag!


I worked as a graphic designer for many years in Los Angeles and found I most enjoyed working for small, startup companies. I loved helping build companies from the ground up. Working to realize a vision, and meeting all of the challenges that come with it is really rewarding. That experience gave me the confidence to start my own business. I had gone as far as I wanted to go with my graphic design career and was feeling bored and stagnant. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) offered me the opportunity to move to Denver and start fresh on something new. I’ve always loved working with my hands and had dabbled in making jewelry, belt buckles, and handbags, so I decided to try to spin that up into a business. Over time I’ve refined my offering to minaudière clutch bags, but I still incorporate elements of sculpture and jewelry-making to give my bags a unique look.


Being able to follow my muse! It’s wonderful to have the freedom to work on whatever I want. Also, to be able to realize my vision and turn my ideas into real, functional pieces. And, once my bags are in my customers’ hands it’s amazing and gratifying to see how they work them in to their own looks. Seeing my pieces being enjoyed and  incorporated into someone else’s personal style is a thrill every time.


In addition to having an incredibly supportive husband, I would say my curiosity and the fact that I get very bored having to repeat the same thing twice. My bags are all one of a kind, which frees me up to not have to think about how to do production runs, and pretty much allows the sky to be the limit for each new piece. Because I’m curious and love research, I’m always incorporating new techniques and creating new problems for myself to solve. For instance, I’ve developed a process for doing custom metallic foil prints on leather, and am pretty sure I’m the only bag maker in the world that offers that service. I’ve also recently figured out how to add one-of-a-kind crystal-covered sculptures that light up to my bags! That’s definitely something you won’t find anywhere else. This gives me the ability to let my clients’ imaginations run wild, and to co-create something truly unique just for them.

Marisa Johnson

Location: Inglewood, CA

Business/Brand/Company: La Create Sp_ce

Title: Co-Founder


La Create Sp_ce is a membership based, co-working community located in Downtown Inglewood California. Members have access to work spaces, hot desks, conference rooms, production studios, as well as all of the resources needed to create projects, host events, and get business done. Not in LA?  We have a virtual community connecting some of the top companies providing tools and recourses to help build our communities.

We believe that connecting like-minded individuals with motivation, positivity, and a great workspace are crucial to accomplishing your goals.

At La Create Sp_ce, it’s all about meeting, creating, and taking advantage of any and all new opportunities.


We started with just an idea, we talked about having a photography studio, an editing studio and a space where people could gather and talk about their next productions. Between  having a new born, juggling our full-time jobs I used my digital and project management experience, and my husband’s background at Facebook and Snapchat, and we were able to make our idea into a co working and connectivity brand .  


Seeing customers build out their idea and having a hand in their successes.


Setting my intentions for the day and creating an obtainable list. Day by day progress is made and large mountains become obtainable. Make sure to add personal goals to your list outside of work related items.

Nova Covington

Location: Boulder, CO

Business/Brand/Company: Goddess Garden

Title: CEO and Founder


I am proud to say Goddess Garden makes safer, healthier products for our families and the planet! We are sold in retailers around the country, at GoddessGarden.com and on Amazon. There are so many harmful chemicals found in conventional skincare products, and most people don’t even know what they are or what they do. Companies aren’t required to disclose all their ingredients, like the hundreds that can hide under the umbrella term “fragrance” on a label. My company has always used safe and effective ingredients like botanical essential oils from plants and flowers, and we list them all where consumers can see them. We’re creating options that can help make life safer and healthier for our families and the Earth. Join the movement at GoddessGarden.com!


I started my business in my kitchen, and my basement, and my garage. My patient husband was recruited as well as family and friends to help us grow the company. One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is to appreciate serendipity and to accept all the help that is offered. People are willing to lend a hand when they believe in your cause, and that’s helped my business as well as support our mission to clean up consumer products and make life better and healthier for families. I’m so grateful.  


The most rewarding part of growing Goddess Garden has been my influence in the ocean cleanup and the ongoing blue beauty movement. Companies like ours are making a difference in our mission to save our coral reefs and preserve our oceans and mammals. We were closely involved in the first ban on chemical sunscreens in Hawaii that became law in January 2021. Goddess Garden makes getting outside a little easier, and enjoying nature is our goal for all our families and for the future of our planet. If everyone spent more time outside, it would benefit our collective wellness and minimize our footprint on the Earth. Let’s lead a green revolution!


The secret to my success is that I stayed true to my core passion. Nature’s ingredients and how each is tied to the future was how I fell in love with natural skincare products. But my true love, and what leads me forward is to do better for the planet and our children. I grew up in the wilderness with a deep love for the outdoors and feel a special responsibility to lead the way to climate balancing. Protecting the oceans and our water from these chemicals is one of the most pressing issues of our time. That’s why we make earth-safe options at Goddess Garden, and why I started a nonprofit called Protect Our Mother, an ocean conservation foundation aimed at protecting marine life, climate balancing and supporting legislation that defends the environment. Join the movement at GoddessGarden.com!

Sheri Atwood

Location: Sacramento, CA

Business/Brand/Company: SupportPay

Title: Founder & CEO


My company is SupportPay, which helps parents manage child support and shared expenses by providing an easy, automated, and transparent way to track expenses, make payments and share documents directly with each other. We take care of the notifications, reminders, history, and documents while providing a certified record so parents can spend less time managing finances and more time focused on what matters most – raising happy, healthy children.


Growing up I was raised by a single mom and was the youngest of three children. As a child, my goal was to escape the same economic struggles my mother faced and I knew the only way to do this was to go to college. Therefore, my sole focus growing up was getting into college. I went on to marry at 19, complete my undergrad in less than four years and finish my MBA ten days before my daughter was born. I was then divorced at 25 and after spending 12 years in high tech, I decided to risk it all and start my own company.

The idea for SupportPay came following my divorce when I looked for a solution to help me track and manage child support and my daughter’s expenses and was shocked to find there was nothing out there. I ultimately ended up teaching myself how to code, became an expert in front-end development, and built SupportPay from scratch.

As expected with building a new company, there were challenges in the beginning that I had to overcome. One of the early challenges of growing SupportPay was a lack of capital (female-founded companies still only receive 1.8% of venture capital). Another challenge was the lack of awareness that a solution to this problem exists. Most parents don’t realize there is a solution so they don’t think to look for one. We’ve worked hard to overcome this by seeking to educate parents and family law professionals about SupportPay.


The most rewarding part of my business is being able to make a huge difference in the lives of children and parents. As a child of a very bitter divorce, I am grateful to be able to offer a solution that makes the lives of children of divorce easier – while helping them get the financial support they deserve from both their parents.


Perseverance and grit! Being a female founder of a tech company is a very hard and lonely world – there are 100x more no’s than there are yes’s. But by staying focus, never giving up, and figuring out ways to persevere during the difficult times, I’ve been able to overcome the barriers and focus on delivering the vision.

Inna Tuler

Location: Burbank/Los Angeles, CA

Business/Brand/Company: Maintco Corp

Title: CEO & Owner

Website: www.maintco.com


Maintco Corp is recognized by our clientele in the retail, food service and commercial properties industries as a solid, value added service partner.  The basis of our structure is found in our mission to understand and provide for the needs of our clientele.  The statement used to build the company from the beginning is, and will always remain, true: “Simple Solutions for Difficult Problems”.  Our customers have come to count on that promise.


The company began by providing clean and finished apartments for property management companies to provide to their renters.  Although the service capabilities have expanded to facility repairs and maintenance, as well as full service construction projects, the care with which Maintco offers these services has always remained constant.


I find a great reward in not only providing a professional service to our clients, but also in providing a solid foundation for the growth of my team.  There has been a direct link from the quality work our customers depend on and the progress and development of my employees and their families.  I am proud to know that not only is the company flourishing but the families supported by the company have been thriving for over 25 years.


It would be easy to say that the secret to my success is that I care and focus on success.  The truth is, the secret is no secret at all.  It is found in the hard work of my late husband, my family, my team and myself.  If I had to pick one thing that drove the success, I would say having the right people in place.  People who care equally about the company, the plan, the team and the customer. Managing that controlled chaos has been a joy.



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