7 Fun Facts About Cinco de Mayo You Probably Didn’t Know

Although Cinco de Mayo is generally celebrated in Mexican-American communities in the U.S. on a larger scale, it’s a national holiday in Mexico. Here are some fun facts about Cinco de Mayo:

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1. It’s not Mexico’s independence day. That’s September 16, 1810. The date commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

2. Because it’s not a federal holiday, offices, banks, and stores remain open. Celebrations are mainly held around the state of Puebla, which was the site of the 1862 battle.

3. You can thank President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Good Neighbor Policy,” for the holiday’s popularity. This policy which was inacted in 1933, sought to improve the relationship between America and Latin American countries.

4. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by people of Mexican descent. Cities such as Chicago and Houston host annual Cinco de Mayo events that draw hundreds of thousands of celebrants. Los Angeles has one of the largest celebrations, which includes the Fiesta Broadway street festival in honor of Latin American culture.

5. The holiday is celebrated by many by wearing and making authentic clothing and food. This date brings fiestas and parades.

6. There’s an official Cinco de Mayo dish: mole poblano.

7. Avocado sales boom every year. In fact, according to the California Avocado Commission, people consume 87 million pounds of avocados for the holiday. Unsurprisingly, May 5 also sees an uptick in margarita sales.


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