8 Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

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Improving your dog’s diet can help them to live longer, be more active, and stay healthier. What your dog consumes is so important to their health, just as with any human. If you care about your own diet, and what you feed your kids, you should be paying this much attention to your dog’s diet too. Here are eight tips to improve your dog’s diet.

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Avoid Cheap Dog Food

If you wouldn’t feed yourself with cheap, ready meals, why do you give your dog the same food? While it may seem better to scrimp on dog food, doing this could lead to health problems for your dog and a higher vet bill. Buying cheap tins from the shelf that last a few years may seem like the easiest choice, but there is a reason these foods can last over two years, and none of them are particularly good for your dog. If you want your dog to stay healthy, this kind of food should be limited, or not used at all.

Give Raw Meats

We are the only animals that consume cooked meat – and even we never used to. Our bodies have grown accustomed to eating cooked meat, but this doesn’t mean our dogs need to. When you cook meat, it loses a lot of nutrients that are essential for your dog’s health. If you want the best for your dog, consider feeding them raw meats when possible. If you do want to cook it, make it lightly seared rather than cooked through. Many pet supply stores will sell raw meat that is perfect for your pooch.

Limit Treats

Just like humans, too many treats can cause weight gain in your dog. While it may seem like you are just treating your dog, overindulging isn’t good for them and could lead to other health problems. Dogs that are overweight are more at risk of diabetes and arthritis. Cut down on treats unless they are healthy ones. Some healthy treats that you can make yourself include scrambled eggs and small pieces of carrot. If you want to help your dog lose weight, follow this guide.

Wash Food and Water Bowls with Vinegar

When cleaning your dog’s food and water bowls, consider switching from your usual cleaning products. These can leave a bad taste on your dog’s food bowl and isn’t healthy to ingest. Cleaning bowls with white vinegar is a cheaper and better alternative, as it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Introduce More Fiber

Dogs need plenty of fiber in their diet to reduce the risk of constipation. Just like humans, fiber should be a staple part of their diet. Native Pet discusses the many benefits of introducing more fiber into your dog’s diet, such as weight loss, as a digestive aid, and improving blood sugar levels. If you want more information and to find out what fiber is best for your dog, check out Native Pet’s guide on fiber for dogs.

Know What They Shouldn’t Eat

Just as you need to know what your dog should eat to stay in good health, you should also be aware of what they shouldn’t, and what foods should be limited. Some foods are poisonous to dogs and must be avoided at all costs. This includes avocados and chocolate. Some food should be limited, such as salt and fatty snacks like peanut butter. Dogs should also avoid certain types of nuts, such as Macadamia nuts, milk, and other dairy products. For a full list of unsafe foods for your dog, check out these 10 foods your dog should never eat.

Give them Whole Foods

Whole foods are so much better for your dog than canned foods. Not only do they contain a lot more nutrients but they can improve a dog’s health in many ways. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of enzymes that are essential for a healthy diet. They also contain plenty of fiber, which can improve stools and help with digestion. Just make sure to research so you know what whole foods are safe for your dog’s breed.

Avoid Gluten

If your dog has smelly farts and poops, gluten may be to blame. Many of those dry shelf products contain gluten meal, which can lead to a strain on your dog’s kidneys and liver. It can also lead to constipation. Dog food also contains corn gluten, which can cause harm to their organs, making them ill. If your dog is constipated or seems to struggle with bowel movements, check the ingredients in their current food, as gluten could be to blame.

Any changes to your dog’s diet should be done slowly, to avoid any sickness or constipation. Changing to healthier alternatives and whole foods can improve your dog’s diet, leading them to become healthier and less prone to getting ill. Even small changes that you can afford can make a big difference.


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