Among the brightest spring trends: A brilliant smile

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the smile is the front door to the heart. That front door to the heart is having people run in droves back to their dentist offices around the country. After a year living through the pandemic, and most not being able to get to their dentist during that time, people are hoping to get their smile healthy once again.

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Here at BELLA, we also couldn’t wait to get back to our favorite dentists to get our healthy smile ready for summer and possibly the opportunity for less masks (fingers crossed).

Indeed, we aren’t alone, says Dr. Steven Davidowitz, also known as Dr. D and founder of Luxury Dentistry in New York City. “Many of my patients have fallen off the oral hygiene wagon and are in desperate need for a good cleaning and tooth repair.”

Dr. D is also seeing a heightened awareness of one’s smile and aesthetics. “Many patients want to perfect and highlight their smile now more than ever,” he explains. He reports a rise in requests for clear aligner teeth straightening (MOD Mouth or Invisalign), teeth whitening, veneers, along with Botox, fillers, and Evoke. “It’s the ‘ZOOM effect’ caused by hours and hours of working from home with a camera directed at the one’s face and screened on their computers.”

It’s no wonder then that so many brands are zeroing in on oral care. Better yet—the majority of them are using healthy ingredients and sustainable packaging, which we couldn’t love more! While this may not sound new in the beauty space, the oral category has lagged behind, but with the incredible amount of new “must-have” products, we think this is just the beginning of the wave.

Take a look at some of our product choices that’ll surely make you smile:

The tagline of Davids truly says it all: “To create sustainability of nature+America+you,” which upholds the company’s commitment to the earth, to creating American jobs, and to health. They found the best healthy, natural ingredients to create a good-for-you and delicious line of toothpaste.

$4.95 and up,

Huppy brings a healthy smile in a tablet—yes, a Toothpaste Tablet—ensuring much less waste for the planet and a non-toxic alternative to many toothpastes found on drugstore shelves. Pop a tablet in your mouth, chew, wet your toothbrush, and begin brushing.

$12 and up,

Klen offers a three-step teeth cleaning system—their Bundle—with products that can be used together or one at a time. There’s a unique tongue cleaner to help kill bacteria, a natural mint toothpaste to ensure fresh breath, and a bacteria-fighting mouthwash that offers a rinse with a reason.

$45 (bundle),

Colgate Keep is the brand’s first ever manual toothbrush with a replaceable head. So yes, you can keep the handle, and replace only the head. And why is that significant? It offers 80% less plastic waste in the landfills.

$9.99 and up,

CBDent 100mg Peppermint Flavor Toothpaste is not only delicious, it also contains broad spectrum CBD oil (no THC). The combination of natural ingredients (CBD included) helps whiten teeth, fight inflammation, kill bacteria, and reduce sensitivity. And, 10% of all profits provide life-changing dentistry to those in need in underserved communities.


Unlike regular gum that just masks bad breath, Mouth Off dissolves as you chew it. One of the biggest complaints of having to wear a mask for the past year has been the rise of bad breath. Fight it with plant-based gum that’s also free of artificial flavors and coloring.

$18.99 (two-pack),


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