You’ll Love Sweating to These Fun New Workouts

Excited to get on your grind this spring? Now’s the perfect time to try out some new, maybe even unfamiliar, moves. We scoured the country to find some of the hottest and most entertaining workouts that will not only get you toned and feeling great, but keep you inspired to keep going.

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We’ve loved seeing the innovation that’s come to fruition over the past two years and we’re always game to try out a new workout, aren’t you? Our mantra: It’s best to try something at least once instead of not trying at all, not to mention our firm belief that baby steps are what help us create momentum toward a goal. So, if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds, get in the best heart health possible, or become stronger, we have some amazing options for you this season.

Tracy Anderson will virtually come to your home to help boost your fitness routine. She is best known for her celebrity clientele and small moves that have impactful outcomes. With a 14-day free trial to Tracy Anderson Online Studio, those of us who are most comfortable at home can enjoy both live and recorded workouts anywhere, anytime with nothing to lose. We’ll guaranteed, you’ll get hooked! Starts at $90/month after a 14-day free trial,

Tonal is a complete home gym in one compact design that uses AI technology to track your body’s movements. A push of a button activates 200 pounds of dynamic weight, allowing you to increase or decrease the weight load you want to use. On-demand classes, as well as live ones are available. Starts at $63/month + $495 Smart Accessories,

Craving that one-on-one experience with a trainer but want to do it from your own home? FlexIt’s platform offers live 1-on-1 Virtual Personal Training (VPT) with a certified personal trainer paired specifically with you based on your abilities and goals. That means you’ll get a personalized workout with every session. The name of the brand says it all—to be as flexible as possible to fit in just the right workout. Train at home, in a park, at a hotel—wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection! Starts at $134/month,

The Liteboxer at-home boxing workout experience combines patented hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training to create the most immersive workouts to date. Music is the heartbeat of the Liteboxer experience. The brand’s exclusive partnership with Universal Music Group makes that experience possible, making it the first-ever fitness platform to make music the center of the entire experience. Depending on your space, you can choose from a wall mount or a floor stand version. Starts at $1,495,

Les Mills has been in the fitness industry for 50 years so it should come as no surprise that they are bringing working out into the metaverse. Yes, you heard me correctly. Their brand-new VR technology merges gaming, fitness, and the metaverse with a newly launched concept called BODYCOMBAT. The game pits players against each other in martial arts challenges across a variety of levels; the goal is to rack up points for your effort and technique. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, this workout definitely feels out of this world! Prices start at $29.99/month (30-day free trial),

B The Method is a fantastic low-impact, energizing, restorative workout. This carefully curated sequence of transformative exercises uses only a small stability ball that lengthens, strengthens, and protects your entire body. Slow, intentional movements flow from one to the next to ensure every muscle works throughout each session. The workouts are app-based, making it easy to pick and choose from a wide assortment of options. $17.99/month or $159/year after a 7-day free trial,

Fluid Running takes your workout from land to water for a different kind of sweat session. This is a wonderful low-impact way to run in deep water to boost cardio and build muscle. Pool Running comes with a floatation device, a waterproof Bluetooth headset, audio classes, and a tether to keep you in place, if needed. If you’ve been waiting for months to get back into the pool, this might be the item to make any trip even more fun! Prices vary,


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