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Hello, astral babe! Welcome to the middle of Taurus season. During the season of beauty, we’re meeting under the Venusian influence of Taurus until May 20th and then swiftly switching into airy Gemini energy that lasts from May 21st until the 21st of June.

Taurus and Gemini are nearly polar-opposite energies; Taurus asks us to be slow, comfortable, and sensual while Gemini is fast-paced, witty, and playful…and when these energies apply to beauty—and our perception of beauty—we’ll see clear distinctions around the way we look at the world, and how the world looks at us.

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During Taurus season, try to take your time getting ready and integrate pampering as a necessity rather than a luxury. Carve out time in the beginning of May to marinate in all five of your senses: Eat rich and delicious foods (slowly), listen to your favorite music while getting ready, sleep in and take a nap or two, light fragrant candles around your home. The first three weeks of May will be all about romanticizing your own life.

When we switch into Gemini season on May 21st, you’ll feel an urge to multi-task, research, and get creative with your beauty routine! You may also feel called to go to new places to find creative inspiration such as COVID-safe museums, art exhibits, and arts markets. Did someone say “sit at home and watch the Savage x Fenty fashion shows again”? Put on your best monochromatic outfit with an accent piece (a la cow-print purses) or settle the debate between a middle or side part. This is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and redefine the word beauty for yourself and others.

Let’s see what the cards have to say. Read on for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs!


QUEEN OF WANDS: The season of beauty is going to have all eyes on you, Aries babe. I can feel the heat radiating off of you from over here! Your confidence is going to attract more than just attention. Expect the unexpected when it comes to work, money, and love—you are unstoppable if you let yourself flow with this newfound momentum. Try to incorporate reds, oranges, and yellows to your wardrobe during May and June. It’s time to match your outfits with your inner flame, and watch the way your creativity and happiness multiply with this simple form of color therapy. I feel like there are patterns you’re trying to break at this time relating to daily habits. Spirit is pushing for you to step outside of your comfort zone. Take a workout class that’s new to you, try a recipe with ingredients you’ve never used before, and let go of your current numbing agent (social media scrolling, TV binging, or over-consumption of any kind is only going to dim your light). This is the month to glow-up and glow on!


THE STAR: Big changes are coming during your birthday season, Taurus! Of course, being ruled by Venus (the planet of beauty, love, and sex), there is nothing short of synchronicity with the focus being beauty, now during your solar season. Spirit is guiding you to keep your hopes up. If you’ve felt disconnected from yourself or others, that cycle is coming to a screeching halt in May. Try incorporating gold, glitter, and metals into your routine—this could be new jewelry, make-up, clothing items, or accessories. Regardless of what it is, you deserve it! Try to think about investment pieces and purchases; not everything you swipe your credit card for has to be filled with guilt. Try to think quality over quantity, and watch the way your future opens up in truly beautiful ways. If you’ve been waiting on answers in love or career, expect them by the end of June. You’ll be having a hot summer in more ways than one!


EIGHT OF WANDS: Whether you are a May or June Gemini, you’re going to be reaping rewards from both of these months as your solar season arrives. As the witty, well-spoken wordsmith of the Zodiac, take this season to find the beauty in embracing your own unique vision of what communication can do for you and those around you. Whether this is speaking up for yourself in the workplace or within a close connection, try to see life through a new lens as you share your thoughts and opinions for the betterment of all. When you show up confidently, others are inspired to follow in suit. There is a great potential for travel and deep conversations with someone you love. Make sure that you’re willing to disappoint others when you speak your truth. Remember that life is not meant to be done perfectly, it’s meant to be done authentically. May and June will bring beautiful opportunities for you to deepen your connection to others as a byproduct of you deepening the connection with yourself.


NINE OF PENTACLES: Cancer, the moon is your ruler, but money rules the world. It seems like you’re jumping on the abundance train and the next stop is an actualized dream of yours! Your advice for May and June is to find beauty in the time you spend working toward your goals. When you change the narrative from “I have to” to “I get to,” your whole life will change for the better. It seems like your energy levels have been lower than normal for the last few months, but you’re about to get a recharge from the Universe in the realms of career and creativity. Think bigger, don’t settle, and avoid playing small at all costs. The world is ready for you in your fullest expression, so what are you waiting for? Ask your talented friends to help you with the parts of this project that you don’t like doing: pay the plumber to do the plumbing, pay the graphic designer to design for you, and for goodness sakes, splurge on letting someone paint your nails!


KNIGHT OF CUPS: Leo, this season is all about giving and receiving love without fear. It seems that your past has been riddled with walls and blockages that kept you from loving freely. Have you been avoiding feeling a deep, old wound? During May and June, you’re going to find beauty in the breakdown. Start to embrace the idea that the entire spectrum of your emotions are not only acceptable but valid. We can’t suppress our deepest sadness and still expect to experience the highest heights of our bliss. I see that May and June are going to be filled with inner peace and contentment for you if you can be more vulnerable, and this is going to radiate out to others. Whether it’s a potential business partner, a lover, a housemate, or a family member that you haven’t spoken to in awhile–you’re going to have an important conversation that leads to long-term happiness. Life is going to feel like there’s sugar sprinkled atop everything you touch. Enjoy the sweetness, my lion!


THE MAGICIAN: Talk about full alignment, my Virgo maiden! It seems like you’re starting to get into the swing of things and following your divine path more boldly. Both your internal and external growth is undeniable. Your advice for May and June: Be sure to keep up with taking care of your mind, body, and spirit as you go through this energetic upgrade. I’m seeing physical exercise, herbal teas, and rest being very important as you enter into this new chapter of growth and success. Use the lessons you’ve learned in the past to make the best decisions in the present moment. If you’ve been guilty of listening to others before listening to your intuition, that will surely need to change this season (and for good reason). It seems that you’re making a decision that many won’t be able to ration with, but it will make sense further down the line when you’re living the life you always dreamed of. Trust the path you’re on with your career, your love life, and your craft. You’re not doing anything in vain, but you may also not get everyone’s approval at this time. Keep moving forward anyways, Virgo!


STRENGTH: It’s time to hit the gas pedal and move forward, Libra. You’re entering into a season of your life that’s going to require confidence like never before. If you dig down deep enough, you’ll find the wellspring of faith in yourself that you’ve been searching for all this time. You do not need to doubt yourself, your intuition, or your desires anymore—May and June will be months filled with joy and laughter if you follow your desires. It seems like you may be taking a leadership role in some capacity, or mentoring someone else. When you create structure and boundaries for those around you, it leaves them no room to question your insight. Find the beauty in decision-making and independence; you are best when you trust yourself. Go after who and what you want shamelessly, and watch how positive the outcome can be from you creating your dream life rather than waiting for someone else to create it for you.


KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: Slow and steady wins the race, dear Scorpio. Right now it seems that you’re trying to rush to the next chapter of your life without making sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s with the current lessons you’re supposed to be learning. For many of you, this is stemming from a lack mentality. Have you been feeling like there’s not enough love, attention, or money to go around lately? Learn how to embrace patience, abundance, and a full surrender to the Universe as your remedy. If you continue to put yourself into the seat of the victim, you’ll continue to be victimized. If you choose, instead, to embrace your inherent role as a victor, you will find yourself victorious. The choice is yours. May and June will be months for you to embrace the beauty of the process, planting seeds, tending to them, and reaping fruitful rewards later on. Can you begin to trust in what you cannot yet see?


JUDGMENT: Ah, so this is how it feels to get results from your hard work, Sagittarius! May and June look like months of relaxing into an “outcome” of sorts. For some of you this will be tangible results to the long hours you’ve put into your job. A new home, car, vacation, or high-ticket purchase is on the horizon, and you’ll finally be able to do it without worrying about how to pay it off. For others, this is a relationship transitioning from it’s current dynamic (be it dating to a relationship or marriage to divorce). The choices that you make during these next couple of months are going to be life-changing, and should not be taken lightly. Find the beauty in change, and try to remind yourself from time to time that you have these fantastical dreams for a reason—you are part of a much larger Universal plan, and it seems like this is just the time for your dreams to materialize!


THE HANGED MAN: My dearest Caps, it seems like you’ve forgotten to stop and smell the roses as you continue to trailblaze through your life. May and June are going to be powerful months, more powerful than you and your plans. If you’ve been stressing yourself out with work, goals, and keeping busy, this season is going to leave you in a state of suspension. Pause what you’re doing and how hard you’ve been working in order to change your perspective on life, love, and yourself. It seems that you’ve been running away from something painful in your past, but you’re ready to deal with this head-on now, brave Capricorn. You are not stuck, you are not alone, and you are not going to crumble. Use this season to treat yourself with gentleness as you sift through hard emotions—nothing lasts forever, not even hardship.


KING OF PENTACLES: May and June are going to be filled with big blessings for you, Aquarius babe! It’s time to understand that beauty in karma. If you’ve stashed extra cash away, or receive a raise, or unexpected windfall of cash, give part of this to a cause or organization that you believe deeply in. You could also help someone directly (whether this is a person you know, or someone who’s simply experiencing financial hardship). Regardless of who or what you’re helping, just know that you will receive what you give back tenfold. I’m seeing May and June being months filled with miracles in your career, finances, and home life. Remind yourself of just how deserving you are each time you experience newfound abundance; your spirit guides simply want to know that you are grateful when you receive what you’ve been asking for! You the world a more beautiful place when you lead by example with gratitude and worthiness.


FOUR OF CUPS: Alas, Pisces, there are always going to be ups and downs in life. If the goal is to live a life where you are constantly receiving, growing, and happy, you wouldn’t get the full scope of life’s beauty. There is beauty found in decay, destruction, hardship, loss, and grief that we simply can’t find or feel with a sugar-coated existence. Imagine how much less art and music we would have without heartbreak! This is not to say that suffering is deserved or necessary, but it absolutely can’t be avoided. Even feelings of boredom or confusion may be hitting you harder than usual now. Don’t lose yourself to your emotions, my beautifully sensitive water sign! Let yourself step back and be the observer to your emotions and witness as they dance in just as quickly as they will dance out if you let them. Honor the full spectrum of your existence during May and June, and watch how much lighter life becomes afterwards.


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