A Contract for the Soul?

By Valerie Gullo

Finding the beauty in our relationships is essential for a healthy and well-balanced life.  This seems fairly simple, but the stress in relationships gets in the way of us seeing their perfect structure and beauty. When something goes wrong in a marriage, a family, a partnership, a working relationship or a friendship, it’s difficult to stop and see the beauty and divine planning in the experience. To say the loss of a job, divorce or the break up of a relationship or friendship is a beautiful thing is an oxymoron, yet all of these events are part of our spiritual plan, or more specifically our “Soul Contract.”

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Soul Contracts are agreements made with the people you encounter in this lifetime and include all of the lessons you have chosen to experience with other souls. In my last article, I wrote about spiritual blueprints and how they are the maps of our lives. “Before we are conceived, it is believed that our soul plans the life we will have. Every person that we have or will ever come into contact with is a planned meeting.” If we take that one step further, Soul Contracts are the spiritual contracts between two (or more) people that commence as soon as you meet. These contracts are devised to teach us important life lessons, move our lives in different directions or awaken motivation and passion within us.

Soul Contracts are experienced with all types of relationships, including a spouse, a family member, a lover, a boss, an employee or a friend. Three main types of Soul Contracts are: Soulmate Contracts, Bump Contracts and Twin Flame Contracts.

Soulmate Contracts

Soulmate contracts are carefully chosen before we incarnate to best support our soul’s development. Our soulmate’s purpose is to help us learn and grow. Think of the person who has hurt you the most and has left you feeling like a train steam-rolled over your heart; the person who swept into your world like a tornado and rocked you to your core, changing who you are forever and teaching you more about yourself than any other could. That is a soul mate.

Within this love-hate relationship, your duties to each other are to help grow your souls and to do “soul work.” A soulmate introduces you to a new version of yourself, tearing down walls and barriers that reveal and awaken another layer of yourself. Soulmate does not mean mates for life. In most cases you are not supposed to end up with your soulmate. These relationships are extremely passionate and equally painful – some are the most painful one will ever experience. The soulmate relationship stimulates growth by teaching us lessons that are difficult to learn. The contract is fulfilled once the lesson is learned.

Bump Contracts

Bump contracts involve a person with whom we have had an intimate past-life experience and connection. These people agree to come into our lives to check if we are traveling on our correct spiritual path. According to Steve Rother, a well-known spiritual advisor, “as souls, we are aware that many times we get stuck in situations that can distract us from accomplishing our real soul work. Bump contracts are designed to come together with such intensity that they cannot help but jolt us out of our routine. Their purpose is to remind us of our original soul intention and direction. Quite often these appear as irresistibly romantic encounters. By their very nature, they must be strong enough to ‘bump’ us into some kind of new awareness. Their very strength is often sufficient to tempt us into an affair.”

Due to the nature of bump contracts, they are rarely meant to be long-term relationships. They allow an opportunity for both parties to change the trajectory of their lives and get on the correct path.

Twin Flame Contracts

Twin Flames, or Twin Souls, are spiritually two halves of one soul. Each twin completes the other, which is the sole purpose of this contract. Upon meeting a twin flame there is an instant attraction, often referred to as “love at first sight.” According to spiritual website www.isisjade.com, some signs that you have met your Twin Flame are:

  • Attraction that defies and compels you beyond common sense
  • A sense of completion when you are with them
  • Their presence is magnetic and is felt long after they leave you
  • You complement each other perfectly
  • Ability to feel each other whether you are together or not
  • A feeling of closeness so strong its as if you are siblings
  • A beginning of a breakdown of your lives as you knew them upon finding one another
  • Synchronicity will be overwhelming discovering yourselves texting, calling, or e-mailing each other at the exact same times

Once fulfilled, this contract can bring the most intense and fulfilling love and peace that is ever experienced.

There is another type of Twin Flame Contract that can be a bit trickier. This contract brings the Twin Flames together to connect the souls and then disconnects them. According to Debbie Nagioff, clairvoyant, writer and broadcaster, “inevitably in twin soul connections we come up against the ‘dance’ – the connection and the disconnection between the two that is incredibly frustrating and cannot be rushed. We are dealing with a process here. Within the connection you often find that one party is very keen to move the relationship on to higher levels, whilst the other doesn’t know what is going on and doesn’t want to deal with the relationship, as it touches deep and painful emotions that may have been suppressed. So they try and escape the relationship. The latter of the pairing is often referred to as a ‘runner.’ The intensity of the connection means that each one feels the other’s pain and confusion and there is much telepathic interchange. Both are pulled around by the compulsion of the energy, and are connected by what seems like an electrical cord.”

The people dealing with this type of Twin Flame contract characteristically have meetings that are unanticipated, unexpected and in many cases, unwanted. The Twin Flame pair may already be in committed and solid relationships with family and completely established lives. This type of contract never happens at a convenient time.

There are many practical reasons for this relationship not to work, such as religion, long distances, age differences and existing relationships. Patience is the key to a fulfilling a Twin Flame Contract. This type of Soul Contract has been coined “a gift and a curse wrapped up in one.”

Soul Contracts are powerful and bring substantial pleasure and spiritual fulfillment. They can also bring about a great deal of pain and distress. It is important to understand the nature of your relationships and what they are trying to teach you. From a spiritual perspective, our soul’s purpose in coming to Earth is to learn and gain experience and knowledge. If you are in a Soul Contract that brings distress to you, try not to get lost in the pain; instead, breathe deeply and focus on the lesson. Thank the friend, boss, spouse or lover for fulfilling the Soul Contract. Thank them for helping your soul grow and learn.


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