A Face for the Big Screen: Spotlight on Celebrities & Cosmetic Surgery

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In the high definition world of Hollywood stars, having to maintain good looks is seemingly part of the job description. Celebrities employ a squad of image perfectors, such as personal trainers, stylists, make-up artists, personal assistants, chefs, and skincare gurus. Actors, movie stars, and TV/film personalities both females and males of all different ages also invest heavily on cosmetic procedures in order to enhance their looks and reinvent their more youthful years.

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Whether it’s on TV, the Internet, or newsstands, we have all seen the results of celebrity plastic surgery, both the beautiful, and not so beautiful. With the popularity of TV shows such as “Dr. 90210” and “Botched,” it is no wonder we have such as fascination with celebrity plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery.

I have seen how a select group of celebrities have managed to maintain their good looks regardless of their age. Although it is rare to have a procedure that leaves no trace, in the hands of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, cosmetic procedures refine and enhance the beauty that is naturally present while maintaining each patient’s individuality. Begging the question “did she or didn’t he,” celebrities have an enormous amount of pressure from their agents and the media to remain young, sexy, and flawless.

Hollywood Surgeries Gone Wrong

In some cases, certain actors and actresses have gone overboard by dramatically changing their appearance, resulting in a face and body that is barely recognizable. From Melanie Griffith (57) and Heidi Montag (28) to Priscilla Presley (69) and Lisa Rinna (51), these celebrities who were attractive prior to their procedures ended up looking nothing like their former selves. Some of these celebs have admitted to plastic surgery and some have denied it, but in these cases, it is obvious that they looked better before their transformations.

Male celebrities are not immune to the pressure of the Hollywood magnifying glass, either. For years, most people assumed that facelifts and other surgical procedures were exclusive to females, perhaps due to the nation’s preoccupation with a woman’s physical appearance for determining their prominence in the media. Men have equal capacity for vanity in desperation to maintain their status in the media, however. 

Burt Reynolds (78), whose acting career has spanned decades, made his name as a macho sex symbol in the 1970s and 1980s. But he has since seemed to have drastically altered his appearance in a possible attempt to regain his past good looks. Perhaps this is a case of a facelift and upper/lower lid eyelift gone awry, as recent photos show an unnatural and distorted version of his former self. When a male facelift goes wrong, it is often because the surgeon performs the procedure in the same manner as a female facelift. In reality, the male facial structure and skin are vastly different from that of a female and need to be surgically addressed in a much different way to retain masculinity.

Star-Quality Transformations
Although the cases of plastic surgeries gone wrong tend to garnish much more attention in the media, there are a vast amount of celebrities who look amazing after cosmetic procedures. Some celebs openly admit it and others prefer to keep their little secrets to themselves, but in many cases the results look absolutely picture perfect.

Celebrities like Cindy Crawford (48), Vivica A. Fox (50), Catherine Zeta Jones (45), and Jane Fonda (76), are either rumored or have admitted to consulting with a cosmetic surgeon to maintain their appearance. A-list men like Clint Eastwood (84), who has been noted as a “true sign of plastic surgery artistry,” seems to get better with age. Eastwood still retains his rugged, masculine look after rumored surgery on his eyes and face. Facelifts and eyelid rejuvenation surgery, done properly, can produce significant improvement taking years off the appearance. I typically perform “short scar” facelifts resulting in minimal and hidden scarring, a technique particularly required of patients who are in the media spotlight. Eyelid procedures for my clients are typically done from inside the lower eyelid and in the natural crease of the upper lid, resulting in no external scars.

Non-Surgical Options With Rave Reviews
For many celebrities who shy away from plastic surgery or are simply not candidates for surgical procedures, there are a number of treatment options that can assist in their battle against aging. These non-surgical options require no downtime and can be done during breaks from filming or meetings with agents. These mini-procedures range from lasers, skin peels, and facials to injectables and fillers. All of these work in different ways to revitalize the face, smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles, and helping to restore lost volume.

We have all seen photos of celebrities who have altered their natural features too much with Botox or fillers. More commonly, albeit less talked about, are the celebs who seem to have gotten it just right. The “X-Factor’s” Simon Cowell (55) and music maven Kylie Minogue (46) didn’t let genetics or nature take its course when it comes to their faces. You have probably heard of celebs like Patrick Dempsey (48), AKA “Grey’s Anatomy’s” “McDreamy,” who credits Botox as part of his well designed anti-aging arsenal. This injectable is designed to target and relax specific facial muscles that cause frown lines, crows’ feet, and forehead creases. Over time, with regular use, facial muscles appear much smoother. Used properly and in moderation, the results of this can be amazing.

Fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, and Voluma are other injectables that are used to plump the skin, add lost volume, or alter the contours of the face. They are commonly injected underneath the eyes, the mid-face/cheeks, and into smile lines and lips. Fillers may bring to mind celebrities such as Meg Ryan (52) and Lindsay Lohan (28), who have, at times, appeared over-done and swollen. Used in moderation, however, these fillers restore a youthful look to the face without making the patient look unnatural.

When I look at celebrities who appear to have had excellent fillers and injectables, I think of Demi Moore who has retained a youthful look at age 52 but still looks natural. A combination of specifically-placed fillers and Botox is sometimes referred to as a “Liquid Facelift” as the results can be rejuvenation on a scale that truly lifts and revitalizes.

Mini Surgeries Can Give Big Results
As we age we start to see changes in our face, such as skin sagging and loss of elasticity. Both of these can result in looking and feeling less confident. Non-surgical and mini-surgical rejuvenation techniques can make significant improvement and help to restore tone and tightness. Facial rejuvenations such as “Laser Lifts” use laser technology to melt fat, tighten skin, and help stimulate collagen production. I like to refer to this as “shrink-wrapping your face.” With only three tiny incisions (one behind each earlobe and underneath the jaw line) with no staples or sutures, this procedure offers a fast recovery and barely noticeable tiny scars. These, or some of the other non-invasive lasers available, are a perfect compliment or alternative to surgical procedures. These “lunch-time” procedures fit into a busy schedule and can get you camera ready without a lengthy recovery.

Be Inspired, But Strive for The Best Version of You

As an average person, you may look to celebrities as examples of cosmetic surgery.  You may wonder if results as exceptional as theirs are attainable, or if the sometimes seen inferior results are avoidable. The answer to both is yes. Remember to choose your surgeon carefully – preferably an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in natural-looking results. Aim to look like the best version of yourself and not a caricature of someone else. Many people ask who the ideal patient is. I always reply someone who has realistic expectations and someone who is in good health, both emotionally and physically.

Treatments are available for all lifestyles regardless of your celebrity status! Choosing your plastic surgeon should be based on his or her level of experience and skill, their portfolio of surgical results, and your comfort level with them. The beautiful pictures of celebrities should inspire you to know that aging is inevitable, but with the help of a healthy diet, exercise, and an excellent plastic surgeon, you can maintain a youthful appearance.

It’s possible that Dempsey didn’t stop at Botox, with speculation that a nose job might have contributed to his career boost. Known surgically as Rhinoplasty, this is the procedure I am best known for. I often perform this procedure to correct external cosmetic appearance as well as internal breathing problems. Both can be done with no external scars, so the only thing onlookers will know for sure is that you look amazing.

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