A Guy's Guide to Grooming

By Janene Mascarella

Too cool to groom? No way! “Men are constantly on the lookout for what’s cool,” says Dove Men+Care expert dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio. “Cars, sports and music are always in. Now men’s grooming products are, too.” Why? “Our generation of men is struggling through the most difficult financial times since our great grandparents lived,” he says. “And being well-groomed is more important than ever. It’s simply an acknowledgement that we are adults who have become comfortable in our own skin, but care about how we look professionally.”

There’s nothing pretty-boyish about taking pride in your looks. Here, Benabio (also known as @Dermdoc on Twitter) offers these take-action tips:

Eat this, not that: Diet and skin care are like you and your car – they have a strong bond. Treat your skin like a luxury car by eating healthy and staying away from processed foods. Food items with gluten, for example, can cause a “gluten rash” on those with celiac disease, and items like milk may contain hormones, which can lead to acne. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate will not always lead to acne – dark chocolate, with low amounts of sugar, for example, is safe.

Road warrior routine: When traveling to and from new regions with differing climates, know your skin and use products that you’re already familiar with; now is not the time to experiment with new lotions and deodorants. Always have these basics in your travel bag: facial wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, and products that do double duty, such as body and face washes that also have moisturizers to provide total skin comfort, to keep you traveling light.

Your hands need moisture! As the weather gets cooler, your skin is drier. This means you should use hand lotion more frequently and also wash with a moisturizing bar rather than drying antibacterial soaps.

Rub your calluses away. Raking leaves and shoveling snow can lead to rough calluses on your hands. You can eliminate these calluses by moisturizing regularly and using a pumice stone.

Your antiperspirant can multitask. Many men suffer from athlete’s foot or jock itch, which is often due to prolonged or excessive sweating. To avoid such fungal infections, try applying a non-irritating antiperspirant to the affected areas.

“Looking Good” Tool Kit

These goodies will help you make the most of your manliness:

JONATHAN Product Dirt Texturizing Paste gives hair control, definition, separation and that better-than-clean, day-after look.  $26, JonathanProduct.com

Dove MEN+CARE Fresh Awake’s energizing scent provides a jolt of freshness

to jumpstart the day. $4.99, stores nationwide

Dreadnought Shaving Cream was developed for problem shavers and includes an ingredient to help reduce the appearance of hair for a closer and more comfortable shave. $19, Dreadnought-Shaving.com

Ginseng Actif anti-wrinkle cream has a non-oily texture that packs a masculine anti-aging formula with wrinkle fighting power. $17, YvesRocherUSA.com

Murad Man Regimen is the ultimate trifecta for a guy on the go: Cleansing Shave, Razor Burn Rescue and Face Defense in SPF 15. $75, Murad.com

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm soothes and relieves dry, chapped, irritated lips. Unlike waxy sticks, it penetrates quickly to provide instant relief. $7.50, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue or GetJackBlack.com

Brut Splash-On is a throw back to old-school cool: a definition of masculinity for over 40 years. $5-$7 at drugstores, BrutWorld.com

Organic Male Smoothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion works to soften and smooth the skin prior to shaving. $25, om4men.com

Phytomer’s HOMME Age Optimal Youth Cream Face and Eyes is a dual product specifically adapted to men’s skin with age-defying effectiveness. $78.50, Lespausa.com

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