A Luxury Home Makeover Requires Careful Planning

As more and more Americans have found their working day spent predominantly at home, a greater number of renovations have taken place. Indeed, a New York Times profile of current market conditions highlighted a startling fact – interior designers have never been busier, and costs are rocketing upwards due to a short supply of materials and talent. Getting the luxury look is more difficult than ever before as a result, but there are options. Indeed, it’s absolutely possible to finance a stunning interior design makeover, fit for any of the seasons, that will put even palatial homes to shame – but planning is key.

Maximizing your potential

There is a clear financial problem in renovating. As CNBC highlights, renovation ROIs have declined from 71.2% to just 60%, representing the greater outlay needed to obtain new interiors – especially luxury designs. Carefully planning your finances is, therefore, crucial. Many homeowners are swimming in equity right now, so using a home affordability calculator to look at potential refinancing and equity release can be an efficient way to raise funds for your renovation. That being said, you don’t need huge sums of money to achieve luxury in the home.

Looking for value – colors

Luxury designs do not entail huge price tags. Many of the classiest luxury designs are, in fact, more about the use of color and shape as opposed to the material underlying any given feature. A single black wall can both elongate the shape of a room, making it seem larger, and it gives a sense of regality and depth to a room that could otherwise feel plain. Similarly, the use of white against other, brighter colors, such as blues and purples, can give a sense of real luxury to a room. This can, of course, be achieved with a lower budget, but even splashing out and using high quality paints can afford you to put money elsewhere, for example key pieces of furniture or devices around the home.

Beautiful statement pieces

One way to really infuse luxury into the home is to focus on quality. A few large statement pieces will outweigh a clutter of smaller ones, and that gives you the opportunity to really branch out and think about where you place your money. Think about the layout of your home. Do you have a large hearth where a modern fireplace would look superb? Or do you need the basics to start – soft furnishings, sofas, and beds? Look at what you need in your home, and work around it. Work with the colors of your home, and look for luxury materials; fabrics with bright colors that stand out, and have good provenance. Leathers, suedes and velvets are a good place to start and are tasteful to boot.

You don’t have to break the bank, either. You can absolutely look for recycled or upcycled pieces; vintage and charity shops often have the best pieces you can find anywhere. Look for a bargain – it’s the quality and look of the piece that will be influential in the home, not the price tag.

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