A Magical Summer Ahead

Welcome to your Summer Tarotscopes, spiritual babe! As we enter into July, the Sun is still in our sensitive and intuitive water sign of Cancer before we get to experience Leo season from July 23rd to August 22nd, and then gently end August with the Maiden’s sign of Virgo. You’re in for a treat during these two months: Water, Fire, and Earth elements are all on the table. The only one we’re missing is a bit of Air, so try to keep your mind clear, witty, and stimulated as we transition! In this issue, you won’t just find Divine messages, but a sweet summer anthem to go along with it.

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Ask yourself before July sweeps us up in its tides: “What do I want my summer to look like this year?” and make a promise to yourself not to deviate from this answer. If you want to travel, make time to do so — even if it’s a staycation! If you want to eat healthy and seasonally, carve out time each week to walk to your local farmer’s Mmarket and prioritize this above all else. The summer is yours, spiritual babe. Let’s make the summer of ‘21 one to remember!

Let’s see what the cards have to say. Read on for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.


THE EMPEROR: Ah Aries, this is what they call “full alignment.” The Emperor is a card that represents Aries energy in the Tarot, so this is a signal to you that you’re right on time. That goes for love, career progress, and self-expression. If you’ve been feeling behind’ recently, rest assured that this summer is going to leave you feeling confident, sexy, and full of stamina to get to all of those “bucket list” items you have for July and August.

It may be time to take further initiative in your life. If you’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, this is a sign for you to step out onto center stage and pour your heart and soul into what (and who) you have your sights on. Plan a fun getaway for yourself, and if you feel so inclined to ask a special someone to join you, just know it will be twice as fun. You will be rewarded for taking risk and action this summer — trust yourself and show up with self-assurance. Some of you are getting opportunities to be in the limelight or create viral content. The whole world is waiting for your direction, thoughts, and opinions — share them with confidence!




ACE OF CUPS: Dear Taurus, love is on the horizon for you this summer! If you’ve found yourself ready to break out of quarantine blues and (safely) re-enter the dating pool, know that it’s projected to be a very positive experience for you. If you’re with someone, or have your eyes on a special someone already, now is the time to take things to the next step. Express your love by living in it. Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy as you find love in every speck of dust, beam of sunshine, and blade of grass. There is something to be said about attracting more of what you feel, so invite yourself to bask in the love that’s already inside and around you at this time.

Do you have a passion or hobby that you enjoy doing? This may clue you into where or how your love life transcends. You’re being encouraged at this time to dedicate yourself to the things in life you enjoy the most. Do not stray away from living like this in July and August, if anything, make these your most passion-filled months yet!




THE WORLD: My multi-tasking loves, you are about to be very busy in July and August! If you’re not already planning on traveling, rest assured that the opportunity to do so is readily available to you. Think of places that you want to take a plane, train, or automobile to go and explore. This summer will be one for the books, and even if you can’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel, know that inner travels are always an option as well. Put on relaxing music, light your favorite candle, put on a boujee face mask, and cut yourself up some tropical fresh fruits and imported cheeses. Pour yourself a glass of wine from a faraway land that you’ve been wanting to go to. There are endless possibilities to transport yourself toward the rest and relaxation that you so desperately deserve.

For some of you, expect an “a-ha” moment that will make it all come full circle. You’ll be receiving the answers to your long-awaited questions on how to move forward in life. Who will come and who’s getting left behind? Make sure that you’re open to the possibility of you being your own worst enemy when you’re thinking about who (or what) holds you back in life. It’s OK to admit to your faults. Sometimes that’s the very key to the lock you’ve been trying to open.




FOUR OF SWORDS: Ah, my sweet, sensitive water signs. It seems like this summer is meant for you to do some inner healing and introspection on the past. There are still memories and past pains that you haven’t quite let go of. That’s OK, don’t be too hard on yourself. But if you find yourself still holding onto parts of your past due to those feelings never being recognized when they initially happened, now is the time to self-soothe and feel in order to heal. Remember that if being harsh and demanding with yourself was the answer, it would have worked by now.

Celebrate your successes, relish in your growth, and let go of the people and habits that you’ve outgrown. It’s not your job to keep everyone comfortable it’s your job to live truthfully; eventually you’ll see that you’ve been leading by example to those around you. Now is not the time to play small. Enjoy this summer to the fullest, and allow yourself some more alone time especially from those who have been too dependent on you recently.




NINE OF WANDS: Ah, Leo. It seems that life has been giving you gentle nudges on where to go next, and you’ve done everything in your power to avoid listening. Expect learning lessons to abound in July and August, leaving this summer one you’ll never forget. It seems that there’s a pivotal decision arising, one that could change the course of your life for the better. But are you ready to make the proper sacrifices in order to see your big pay-off?

I’m also sensing that this summer could invite in a new way of living. A move, a new relationship, or a new belief system is coming toward you. Open your arms and prepare for this to arrive to you. The more you put up a fight, the worse you’ll hurt yourself and those around you. Be cautious in your fear of surrender. What’s waiting on the other side isn’t quite as scary as you’re imagining it.




THE DEVIL: Ah, sweet Virgo…when we see The Devil card arrive in preparation for future months, it can act as an omen. Do not let yourself fall into addictive patterns this summer. Whether it’s booze or beaus for you, try to do everything (and everyone) as consciously as you can. Some of you may be caught up in the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a connection, and your guides are asking that you find balance in spending time with lovers, friends, family, and yourself. Make sure that everyone is getting equal parts of the pie before you hear someone ask, “Where’s my slice?”

Any recurring patterns that you incur should be easily met with a feeling of deja vu—it’s not about avoiding patterns all together that shows your progress, but how quickly you can get yourself out of the same trap that really tells you how far you’ve come along. Try not to be too hard on yourself this summer, it’s OK to have days, or weeks even to simply enjoy yourself. However, make sure you’re giving your time, money, and energy to the things that you want, and not simply following the herd.




THE STAR: What a phenomenal summer ahead for you, Libra! Your balanced Venusian energy is about to flourish during the months of July and August, all your spirit guides are asking that you do is keep the faith. Any of the times you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, or tired, remind yourself “this is just temporary” and encourage yourself to go with the flow. The more times you can do this, the more joy you’ll find over the months ahead.

Be sure that you’re checking in with those around you, and remind yourself that life isn’t always all about you—sometimes the very remedy to our pain is helping someone else. Be a listening ear for the people you care most about, especially the friends and family members who seem like they have it all together. Your ability to teach others is going to be heightened during the summer months, and I promise it will be karmically paid back to you later on. Be patient with yourself and your energetic investments, Libra! Now is the time to plant your seeds of intention, expect the dividends to be paid back to you in happiness.




TEN OF SWORDS: Let go, Scorpio. You may have convinced yourself that you have it all figured out, and what would life be if it wasn’t our greatest teacher? This summer will be a time for you to take inventory of the people from your past who are still taking up your mental and emotional space. You need to get brutally honest with yourself, as some of these people are the same people you’re now thinking “please don’t let it be them” about.

For some of you, you’re playing too small in your life: taking jobs that don’t pay you well enough, letting your vacation time go unused, trying to appease friends and family with how you live your life, or even avoiding the proper risks that would kick your life up a notch. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is and try out a new approach with both love and career. Let go, Scorpio….let go!




THREE OF PENTACLES: What a time to be alive, my fiery Sag! You’re starting to understand what all the fuss has been about with travel, fun, and friendship. Make yourself known in your community, and live life as if it were your last—ergo, it’s your only chance with this lifetime!

I see most of you shifting away from simply existing into truly living this summer. Call up your closest friends and give spring break a second chance. It’s never too late to have fun, and regardless of your age, it’s never too late to start either. You’re being called to let go of the “worker bee” mentality, and remember why you were put on this planet: It’s your divine right to be happy. Learn how to alchemize your pain into wisdom, and learn from the past. Even though you may have had it rough growing up, now is the time to rewrite what your life is all about. This chapter is called: Me, Myself, and I. Enjoy it, dear Sagittarius!




THE TOWER: And it all came crumbling down. Capricorn, part of the reason you’re feeling fear as the summer approaches is because you know you cannot sustain life and happiness at the pace you’re running. It’s time now to focus on making space for your life to unfold, but that requires a dedication to the truth that’s been missing in recent times. If you’re still trying to keep up with the Jones’—or anyone else for that matter—this is your warning signal. Reel back from the life you’re working toward, and start to be in the ever-present now. Do you really still want that life, or are you simply on autopilot working toward a falsified reality that doesn’t suit your desires anymore?

For some of you, it’s time to take a certain someone off of a pedestal. Can’t think of anyone? It may be you! Let yourself be “human” again; no one expects perfection from you, lest should you be expecting it of yourself. Use July and August to encourage breakthroughs and invite in new belief systems that work for the present-day version of yourself. It’s time to see things for what they really are.




FIVE OF WANDS: It’s said in certain studies of astrology that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn in the day and Uranus at night; these two diametrically opposite planets (Saturn ruling rules and Uranus ruling progressive thought) could inform us of what July and August have in store for you, my water-bearers. This summer is expected to be one of conflict, confusion, and an opening of the mind for you. Don’t look at this negatively, conflict has been one of the greatest openings for progress and change in the past—let that be your expectation as the summer begins.

Call in, and get comfortable with change. You may be parting ways with a lover or a group of friends before August ends, and trust in your spirit guides that they’re helping you make way for like-minded people to enter in. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant at work, expect some passion projects and new opportunities to arise during these next two months. Your hard work and unique talents are about to pay off for you in a big way. Keep yourself level-headed by spending time outdoors, connecting with nature, and integrating things that you used to enjoy as a child. Feel, heal, repeat!




THE CHARIOT: What a whirlwind summer ahead for you, Pisces! Life is about to take off in a new, exciting way. There seems to be others who are quite envious of you, your life, and your recent successes—and if not yet, you can expect them before August is over. You’re attracting the right people, places, and opportunities like never before. Spirit is asking for you to let go of the mentality that you need to wait for the other shoe to drop.

You’ve made it past a checkpoint recently that will allow you to take more risk, receive more reward, and make that cycle your new normal. You can—and deserve—to rest into safety, security, and stability. Allow this summer to be where your new trust in the process begins and gets put into action. You’ve got this Pisces, and everyone else has seen it for quite some time.




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