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Miami’s Lauren Foster Honored by Variety Magazine

You can’t keep a good woman down.  Lauren Foster proved that to be true back in the early ‘80s, when she was working as a fashion model.  After appearing in Vogue, a rival model outed Lauren as transgender in the pages of a supermarket tabloid.  “Vogue Model Used To Be a Man,” read the magazine’s headline.

Foster feared it would mean the end of her career, but it wasn’t.  She continued modeling and even crossed over into acting in Circuit and Joseph Lally’s provocative and artistic films, Faces and Miss America Commits Suicide.   Of course, fans of reality TV also know Lauren Foster from her two seasons on Real Housewives of Miami.  She’s used her platform to be an outspoken LGBTQ Activist.

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This summer Lauren Foster was honored by Variety Magazine as a Woman of Empowerment.  “It’s an incredible honor,” she says.  “It is one of those delights that tells me that I’m on the correct life path.”

We spoke with her from her Miami home.

What does a strong woman enjoy most when off the clock? 

I’m usually at the beach or in New York, with friends, in my spare time. I need to be stress free and relaxed. Being outdoors, under the sun or the stars, always does the trick. Miami checks many of my boxes.

Are you currently seeing anyone in Miami? 

I am dating two really cool guys. Life is good.

Have you been enjoying fun dates on the town? 

I’ve had some amazing dates, from a surprise weekend trip to Vegas to just recently, when one of the guys I’m seeing came over, we opened a few bottles of Malbec and then at one in the morning, he ordered sushi from Uber Eats. We camped out in my bed, with the doors open, looking out over Biscayne Bay. It was dreamy.

Any bad dates?

I’ve had very few.   Let’s be honest, they happen to the best of us. Sometimes they’re even televised, but that’s another story. I think the worst date I’ve ever had was with my ex. We had only been together a few weeks and were at a big social event and in walked his ex-girlfriend. She was an acquaintance of mine so it was especially awkward. He was very brazen and wanted to flaunt our relationship but I felt it wasn’t appropriate. We left after like thirty minutes.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Bad grammar and when someone invades my personal space.

Your most annoying habit?

Right now, probably talking about the person who is running this country.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Colin Farrell. He’s sensitive and masculine at the same time. I love that dichotomy in a man.

Have you gotten used to being known in the public eye?

Yes. I have been in the public eye since I was in my twenties but with the internet there is a whole piece that scares me. Being photographed in unflattering situations is never good. I always have to remind myself that someone could be recording me. Then it’s on social media and lives forever. As Deneuve said, “To have a public life, you still have the right to a private life.”

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by risk takers. Anyone that harnesses something new, especially if there is a potential for failure. The people who inspire me the most are young trans kids and their parents. My heart melts.

Where would you most like to visit one day? 

The Maldives are on my bucket list. I enjoy barefoot luxury and white beaches. Last year, my best friend took me to Santorini. It was breathtaking. I really want to go again.

How would someone get your attention? 

We always meet our significant others through social media so slide into my DMs and be provocative.

How would you like to be remembered? 

That’s a big question that can shape anyone’s narrative. I want to be remembered for many things but most importantly, I want to BE many things. I’m unapologetic so being remembered as a woman who wrote her own journey and was loved is definitely paramount.


By David Jacobsen

Photo Credit: Christopher Logan


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