A New Way to Vacation in New Orleans


Sweltering summer temperatures draw people from the cobblestoned streets of New Orleans indoors to the AC-blasting venues that make this city so attractive. From the lively jazz bars on Frenchman Street to the discreet, pocket-sized voodoo shops that give Nola its charm, there’s hidden magic around every corner. And that doesn’t just stop the moment you step inside your hotel. In fact, there’s even more enchantment to behold inside at Bluegreen Vacations’ newest property, The Marquee.

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Situated in the heart of the city’s theater district, The Marquee welcomes guests into a uniquely immersive experience within their property, giving modern touches to a city steeped in history. Playing on the vaudeville theme of New Orleans’ past, the hotel draws you in to a theater-esque space. From the standing ovation you receive in the elevators to the ruby red curtains welcoming you to your floor, each detail is thoughtfully placed to add subtle allusions to its home city. Download the Inter-Blue app to see the hotel literally come to life — the artwork within the walls of The Marquee awaken, moving and explaining their stories to you through your screen. And while the style and interior design alone showcase how Bluegreen Vacations sets itself apart, it’s the model they use to book your vacations that is bringing travel into the future.

Timeshares bring to mind retirement, stability and staleness in the travel world. While they make sense for a certain clientele, for those who are still keen to explore different parts of the world, purchasing a timeshare is not necessarily the best use of money. The Bluegreen Vacations Club takes that idea and expands it into a points-based vacation ownership program that allows owners to explore an array of destinations with all the comforts that come with a typical timeshare. This flexible plan allows you to journey from lazy beach towns to bustling cities, hike to high peaks or gamble at casinos, giving you access to properties all across the U.S., as well as the Caribbean. No longer are you locked in to the same room year after year.

And with the recent addition of The Marquee to the Bluegreen family, the company’s vision reveals itself, morphing to take on the vibe of the city in which it’s situated, a hallmark of all Bluegreen Vacations properties. President and CEO Shawn Pearon shares, “The Marquee is truly a testament to Bluegreen’s commitment to pushing the envelope and reinventing the timeshare experience through innovative concepts. We set out to provide our owners and guests with a -one-of-a-kind stay that fully immerses them in New Orleans’ history and makes them the center of the experience by incorporating unique virtual and augmented reality and design elements.”

The spacious villas are available in one, two and three-bedroom suites and give you plenty to look at, with dramaturgic artwork, musical instruments to play, and all the modern amenities you should require — including a full kitchen and washer/dryer! A short stroll will bring you to the energetic French Quarter (which houses another one of Bluegreen’s properties, La Pension), where you can stuff yourselves silly with Café Du Monde’s famous beignets, take in a late night jazz show, or haggle for some artwork to bring home in Jackson Square.

Judith Hill performs at the Grand Opening on June 29, 2019. Photo by Paul Morse
Guests parade in the streets with the Big Fun Brass Band on June 29, 2019. Photo by Paul Morse
Jason Lewis attends The Marquee by Bluegreen Vacations Grand Opening Fête, in New Orleans, LA @bgvmarquee #onyourmarquee #bluegreenvacations

Sasha Pieterse attends The Marquee by Bluegreen Vacations Grand Opening Fête, in New Orleans, LA @bgvmarquee #onyourmarquee #bluegreenvacations
Sharna Burgess attends The Marquee by Bluegreen Vacations Grand Opening Fête, in New Orleans, LA @bgvmarquee #onyourmarquee #bluegreenvacations


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