A Stylish + Environmentally-Friendly Way To Stay Organized: Meet AAPI-Owned, Cadence

Summer travel is upon us and gearing up for holiday weekends means staying organized when packing those beach bags! Founded by Asian-American Stephanie Hon in late 2019, Cadence is the first magnetic and refillable container made from recycled ocean bound plastic for organizational ease and peace of mind. Cadence proves making the sustainable choice is ALWAYS the best choice with capsule bundles designed to organize supplements, jewelry, skincare, makeup, etc. at home, and on-the-go!

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Created by Stephanie out of the need for transporting personal care items, and a dislike of purchasing single-use plastics with a negative effect on the environment, she created Cadence.

Now you can fill your shopping cart, bags, and luggage with the next generation way to sustainably organize and carry all your go-to essentials with Cadence. Each 100% recyclable capsule is made with materials sourced from partner, Envision Plastics that employs local communities worldwide to clean plastic off of beaches. Plus, these capsules are guaranteed to be leak-proof, life-proof, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, TSA compliant to keep your skincare, supplements, or jewelry all safely in one place.

Check out these must-haves for your organization goals:

A Capsule A Day Bundle ($84) – Designed to maintain your daily routine for each day of the week! This bundle features seven capsules that are available in new shades charcoal & petal and classics such as terra-cotta, lavender and sand. All capsules are designed with wide openings for easy scooping of every last bit.

Build Your 6 Bundle ($70): A collection of six magnetic capsules you can build from scratch because you know you best. Built for you, by you with the ability to choose from a menu of customized labels, text, icons and five-color choices for each capsule. If you’re into color-coding your routine, this bundle is for you!

Get Outside Bundle ($42): Perfect for your Spring routine! A three capsule bundle with three best selling labels – pill, sun and droplet icons for any outdoor activity – park picnics, beach days, hikes, and more.

You can also find their newest, limited edition OCEAN collection-colored capsules + more on their website + on Instagram!


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