A Very BELLA summer


This morning I laced up my sneakers and headed out the door for my daily morning jog. I wanted to get in a workout before my day at BELLA began. I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go or for how long, I just wanted to run and explore the city. I ended up heading north a few blocks towards 60th, where I passed the vast windows displaying the latest trends Bloomingdales had to offer. The normality of passing these windows caught me off guard. When I had first arrived to the city on June 1st, I went up to those displays and examined in awe. I had been eager then to start my internship, explore the city, and learn about fashion.

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I stopped to catch my breath for a moment, but the clothes were still not having the same affect on me. I had become accustomed to seeing high-end designers on every corner, verses the local farm stands in my hometown. That’s when I realized my summer at BELLA was more than halfway over. My summer of learning about the New York, discovering new fashion trends, and being an intern would be over before I knew it.

I turned down 60th, planning on heading towards Central Park South, but I got distracted when I saw the stores lining Madison. I turned up Madison, and even seeing stores like Ippolita or Bottega Vaneta I had gotten used to. I was no longer in awe, rather I couldn’t get mind off of the fact that I had called and emailed these stores in regards to the BELLA Hamptons celebrity party. I continued on my way, and began to realize I was even noticing the outfits on the individuals that I passed. I had street style on my mind permanently. As I continued I peered into the store windows eyeing the jewelry, and comparing them to the upcoming trends I had seen at last weeks dOMAIN preview. I knew then that my BELLA internship had changed my perspective on fashion and made me more observant of different individual’s personal styles. The internship had overall opened my eyes in a variety of different ways, and for this I am very thankful. I have learned so much about working for a start-up magazine, and I have been given many great opportunities. I have not spent the summer sitting on a closet floor and going on coffee runs, like my friends who are interning for other magazines. Instead I have gained my own unique perspective on the city, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of BELLA. I’m excited to see what else BELLA has to offer in my final three weeks.

Speaking of opportunities, this upcoming Saturday, I will be attending the BlogHer event. Blogher is the biggest blogging event New York City has to offer. Some of the featured speakers include Gweneth Paltrow, Christie Turlington, and more. I am beyond excited to be given the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event as a BELLA intern. You can look forward to hearing about the Blogher event in my blog post next week!


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