Actress, activist and more: Meet Sarah Ann Masse

As a woman of many talents, Sarah Ann Masse is not only an actress, writer, singer, producer, filmmaker, and comedian but also an activist and the founder of  “Hire Survivors Hollywood“. Sarah and her husband, Nick Afka Thomas, are also known and loved as the British-American sketch comedy duo “We are Thomasse” on Facebook and YouTube. We talked to her about the work she does, her passions, and her definition of beauty.

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This November, “She said” was released, a movie that tells the story of the investigation that exposed Weinstein’s abuse and sexual misconduct against women. Sarah is part of the cast, playing New York Times journalist Emily Steel. As a real-life Weinstein survivor, she was one of the first to come forward at the time breaking the silence about his actions.

Start by telling us about your current and upcoming projects. In which roles can we see you as an actress?

I’m currently playing the Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times journalist, EMILY STEEL in SHE SAID and you can also hear me as the narrator of all the W.J. May penned CHRONICLES OF KERRIGAN books. I’ve recently wrapped production on a pilot presentation called LARGO and a feature called A MORE PERFECT UNION. In 2023 I’ll be playing a supporting role in the Latinx crime caper THROUGH THE RINSE and I’ll be performing in the Broadway bound musical THE RIGHT GIRL with music by Diane Warren. You can also enjoy over 100 sketch comedy videos that I write, produce, and star in with my husband and comedy partner Nick Afka Thomas. We are called WE ARE THOMASSE and we’ve got over 15 million views on our Facebook and YouTube.

Please share with our audience what your initiative “Hire Survivors“ is about and why you created it. 

I started Hire Survivors Hollywood because, after coming forward about abuse at the hands of Weinstein, I experienced retaliation, blacklisting, and career damage. I spoke up about it and quickly learned that this was happening to many other survivors and Silence Breakers. Instead of giving up and giving in to my frustration, I decided to do something about it. My organization works towards ending retaliation against survivors, promotes their work and talents, helps survivors to get auditions, interviews, and jobs, and provides education, consulting, and toolkits to create an industry that is more inclusive of survivors and more safe and equitable for all.

What is your favorite and most rewarding part about your job?

Whether it’s acting, writing, filmmaking, or advocacy, my favorite thing is getting to have a positive impact on other people through my creativity, my voice, and the truth.

Despite your work as an actress and activist, what are you passionate about?

I love to sing, I love to travel, and I love spending time with my friends and family. But what I’m really passionate about is leaving the world a better place than I found it; making art that can change hearts, minds, and culture; and using whatever power and platform I have to advocate and agitate on behalf of survivors and all historically marginalized folks. I’d also like to have fun and experience joy while doing it.

What does beauty mean to you? What is your ritual to feel beautiful inside out?

Truth and kindness are beautiful to me. Whether that’s reflected in my own choices, the people I surround myself with, or the art I consume and create. There are a lot of things about me- being a survivor of sexual violence, being queer, being disabled, being neurodivergent- that folks are often encouraged to keep secret or feel shame about. So, for me, embracing the things that are true to who I am, that’s really beautiful. To feel beautiful- both inside and out- I try to fill my little world with people and things that are safe and nourishing. I’m also learning how to take care of myself better so that I can continue to be of service to others. A simple thing that makes me feel beautiful is taking care of my skin and body (I love skincare products, massage tools, and my pop up infrared sauna).

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any resolutions for 2023?

I don’t make resolutions but I do have goals. I’m going to keep pushing forward with my advocacy work for Hire Survivors Hollywood; I have several scripts that I’m pitching and some that I’m in the process of writing; and I have my mind set firmly on an abundance of auditions and bookings in 2023 and beyond. I’m envisioning some Bridgerton, some Marvel, Our Flag means Death, and some indie romcom goodness in my not so distant future. And, of course, if all goes well I’ll be making my Broadway debut and selling a script or two in 2023 as well!

Let everyone know where they can follow along with you and support the work that you do!

@sarahannmasse on Instagram and Twitter; @HireSurvivorsHollywood on Instagram; @HireSurviors on Twitter; We Are Thomasse on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram;;;

All the books I narrate available on Audible!


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