Actress Liana Ramirez Has A “Secret” To Share With You!


Best known for her character Roxy, the Evil Yellow Ranger in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers, actress Liana Ramirez has officially accepted her latest role as published author! On Monday, October 7th, the talented starlet released her first ever young-adult novel titled The Secrets Within Me.

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The Secrets Within Me tells the story of seventeen-year-old Magi Davis, a young girl with a hidden secret…so hidden that even she has no idea about it! After Magi is almost murdered, her father quickly moves her from their peaceful little town in Seattle, to the vast deserts of Egypt in hopes of keeping her safe. As time goes by, Magi soon realizes that everyone in her life has been lying to her in order to protect her from the unexplained. Her fathers mythological bedtime stories have not only come to life, but the evil forces in them are looking to kill Magi and everyone she cares about. It is now Magi’s mission to discover her big secret, and save herself from a vicious ancient deity before it’s too late!

In addition to her novels release, Ramirez will also be starring in a new horror film called Star Light. The film is brought to life by the executive producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and follows the journey of a young boy as he tries to save a world-famous pop star from her demise.

The Secrets Within Me is available for purchase and download on Be sure to follow Liana Ramirez on Instagram as well for more information on her upcoming projects.


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