Add International Flavors to This Year’s Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving looking a little different this year, it’s the ideal time to spice things up with your holiday meal. People are being urged not to travel, see family and gather in large groups, so many of us are staying put and opting for a new way to celebrate.

One way to make things a bit more exciting this year is to stray from the traditional turkey, cranberries, and mashed potatoes and opt for something a bit more international. Since we aren’t traveling, it’s a great way to incorporate far away flavors into your meal and make things exciting.

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Chef Philippe Jourdin, a Michelin starred chef, who currently works at Terre Blanche‘s Le Faventia in Provence, France, is known for his playful approach to cooking. Inspired by Mediterranean flavors and seasonal produce, the chef combines authentic and exotic flavors to tickle your tastebuds on property. This year, he is sharing with us an elevated take on holiday dinner.

Blue Lobster with Roasted Thaï Spices, Lobster Sauce with Sweet Bell Peppers and Pineapple Chutney & Crisp Vegetables

Ingredients (serves 8):

  • 4 blue lobster (500g)
  • 50g butter 
  • 10g Thaï spices blend   
  • 1 lemon
  • Aromatic stock cube (a fragrant base with tones of lemongrass, coriander, ginger and star anise)

Crisp vegetables:

    • 6 Romaine lettuce leaves
    • 1 Sucrine lettuce
    • 5 radishes
    • ½ a cucumber  
    • 2 courgettes
    • 10g of candied ginger  
    • ginger vinaigrette
  • Shiso leaf (to garnish)

For the sauce:

  • 1 white onion
  • 10cl olive oil
  • 1 citnronella stick
  • 5gr coriander seeds
  • The zest of 4 limes
  • 10gr curry powder
  • 30cl lobster stock
  • 2 spoons of pineapple and bell pepper chutney
  • 50g butter
  • 10cl whipped cream


Lobster: Poach the lobsters in the aromatic stock for 3 minutes. Shell the lobsters. Finish cooking in a pan with lemon browned butter (butter & squeeze of lemon) and the Thaï spices.

Crisp vegetables: Blanch the romaine lettuce leaves, dry and spread out on a plastic film. Garnish with thinly-shredded courgette and sucrine lettuce, cucumber sticks, radish, sliced candied ginger and the lobster elbow. Season with ginger vinaigrette. Roll the romaine lettuce leaf and cut into sushi-like pieces. Account for 3 pieces per person.

For the sauce: Fry chopped white onion with olive oil. Add the crushed lobster head and sliced citronella, crushed coriander seeds and the curry powder. Cook all together, add the lobster stock and reduce by half, add the lime zest and infuse for 30 minutes. Drain and press to recover the broth. Thicken with the butter and chutney. Add the whipped cream – just before serving.

Presentation: Place the half lobster tail on the plate on a bed of sauce. Place three vegetable rolls coated with ginger vinaigrette on the side. Garnish with Shiso leaves.


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