Add Some Summer Fun to your backyard with Modpools

Gone are the “cement ponds” and “inflatable makeshift pools” of the past. Check out Modpools, the newest way to stay cool this summer.

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Modpools are transportable pools made from upcycled shipping containers, and can be sized to fit any backyard! Once the pool is measured and built, they are sent to your home and installed, but unlike traditional pools, they can be running and used the very same day.

You can use your Modpool as a swimming pool, hot tub or with an optional sliding, dividing wall – both.  And if you later move, you can take this portable wonder with you.  Modpools can be installed above ground, in ground or in-between, accommodating a variety of backyard terrains and esthetics. You can even get custom add-ons like “windows” with cool views or make it an infinity pool.
Your Modpool is ready between 8-18 weeks (which is much faster than any traditional pool installation). Make sure to check out Modpool online!


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