ADVEKET: The Future Of Cosmetic Fluidity

Justin Mayfield, founder of ADVEKET cosmetics, a line of beauty products, is a makeup artist who has produced his philanthropic “Gender Fluid Beauty” and “Beyond Binary Skincare” series. The line was created to support the work of the non-profit organization I Wore Lipstick who support the evolving language of gender.

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Tell our readers about “I wore lipstick,” and the meaning/importance behind the brand.

I Wore Lipstick is a non-profit organisation focused on raising awareness to issues faced by those of the lipstick wearing community and creating opportunities for the “Lipstick wearing community. When you think about who wears lipstick, it is always a marginalized member of most any group. However when you look at the “lipstick community” you realize how massive it is and how worthy every plight of the community is. I founded IWL to advocate for this group and to help ensure that those issues stay at the forefront of conversation.

For any readers who may not know, talk about gender fluidity, especially gender fluidity in the beauty industry.

The language of gender is evolving, every day each human discovers more about their authentic self and feels comfortable to express it. Gender Fluidity / Non Binary individuals are simple those that don’t identify within the common associated gender norms. Where each person’s journey takes them is a very personal matter. In the beauty industry gender fluidity is finally being looked at as any other gender. Not just a commercial accessory. Most beauty ads for decades have been solely focused on high glamour cis gendered (mostly Caucasian) fashion models. From time to time a non-binary person would be featured as androgynous for lack of a better term. That was one reason why I knew I wanted to create ADVEKET cosmetics. To not only showcase the full gender spectrum, but to have a cosmetics line that celebrates it. ADVEKET also donates money from every product sold and donates products to every IWL donation drive.

Share with us a few of your favourites from the gender fluid beauty collection.

It is hard to choose a favourite. Each of the “Gender Fluid Beauty” products is given an inspirational shade name that when combined (lipstick+ Liner+Gloss) creates a “Lip Mantra” that the wearer chooses to further be their own ADVEKET. I think my favourite mantra to wear is a soft chestnut mantra “Create + Exceptional + Ambition”.  My absolute favourite ADVEKET product from the “Beyond Binary Skincare” collection is the “Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask”. It encapsulates the face while you sleep, providing fantastic hydration and a plumping effect.

What does it mean to be a part of the ADVEKET community?

For me personally it means creating a positive ripple in time that will hopefully grow into something substantial that can influence growth & happiness for the community.

As a whole I hope ADVEKET’s friends and chosen family know that this company was created to showcase love and appreciation for the entire gender spectrum. I want every human to feel seen in this industry. Visibility increases empathy and acceptance, if ADVEKET can be that stepping stone for an individual to become more socially accepting and aware of the glorious spectrum of gender- our mission is accomplished.

Where can one shop, learn more, or get in touch with ADVEKET “I wore lipstick?”

ADVEKET is currently just sold online at we are always looking for new places to find a home. We also have a “Charity Purchase” option where you can add a $10 item to be donated in the next IWL donation drive when you check out! Social @adveket

You can support IWL by donating on our site and follow on IG @iworelipstick for events and donation drives.

We are always looking for fun individuals who want to be involved on any scale and offer support however they see fit.My first question when any human wants to get involved is “What are you passionate about” and we take it from there.


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