Drugstore Makeup Haul: Affordable and Convenient Beauty Buys

Who says isolation needs to mean putting the kibosh on your beauty routine? I, for one, find the “beauty” in getting up and sticking to my usual, daily routine – even if that just means a brush through that bird’s nest on your head and throwing some makeup on. Not to mention the new surge of virtual meetings, that at the very least, inspires me to put a face on (as my grandmother would say) and not terrify my co-workers (as she would also say) – yes, pajamas on bottom and war paint on top.

All things considered, you might want to keep your makeup supply stocked over the next few weeks. But, if you’re like me and just so happened to have simultaneously run out of every beauty product you own the week before the hibernation began (sigh,) you may also need to pick up a few items on your next drugstore run. Silver lining: I’ve already done so and am pleasantly surprised with the products I picked up!

Full disclaimer. None of these brands have offered to pay me to write this (although I do accept cash,) nor do I want to break the hearts of my luxury beauty brand faves, but these are the steals I’ve been loving as of late, so I thought I’d share!

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Foundation: Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation

I love a good matte, cream foundation – the heavier the better, bring all the cake. Call it post-traumatic-stage-lighting stress, but I like my coverage extra full. The Revlon ColorStay Full Coverage Foundation, surprisingly, rivaled my usual foundation (at triple the price.) Apply with a makeup sponge, blending into concealer or contour – depending on how committed you are for that zoom meeting – and finish with a setting powder (product #2.) Ultimately, I loved the finish and I think the Revlon may be sticking around in my makeup collection for a while!

Powder: Almay Pressed Setting Powder

Starting with a cream base, I like to finish with a powder, to mattify any shine or dewiness left behind. Also, revert back to the last review, I love me some full coverage. Finishing my cream base with a pressed powder gives that camera-ready, porcelain doll look  that I love (my mom nicknamed me “Dolly” for a reason.) I understand most people try to shy away from this heavier look and prefer au naturel makeup, but this is just my preference, and you should choose products and finishes based on your own. I digress; the Almay Pressed Powder was also a great buy. Not quite as efficient in the coverage department as my former powder, which is more of a powder foundation, but definitely gets the job done and perfect if you prefer a lighter finish!

Eyeliner: e.l.f Cosmetics Expert Liquid Liner

I have been using liquid eyeliner on my top lid since the dawn of time, so don’t tell me about the latest, smudgy pencil look – not hearing it. I like my liner crisp, with wings that could cut glass, so a fine-tip, liquid liner is my poison. I also stay away from liquid liner pens, because I think they can drag a little more harshly across the lid. The e.l.f. Liquid Liner is my favorite, and the price makes me love it even more! Warning: this is not for the shaky of hands. Keep those lines sharp, girl!

Mascara: L’Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara

I’m not going to lie, I have been using this mascara forever. Never have I ever found another mascara that I like better than the L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara, and trust me, I’ve tried them all – expensive, colorful, clear, curved and magnetic… no. This mascara is by far my favorite and can be found at any drugstore, anywhere, and even comes in waterproof. I go for the blackest black, to match my coffee, my wardrobe, and my soul. 😉

Lashes: Ardell Eyelash Wispies Black

This is another beauty product that I have loved and trusted, even before the lash studios closed. And when I can’t get to my lash savior herself – Jess of Flair Eyelashes in NYC – for gorgeous lash extensions, I run, not walk, to scoop up as many pairs of Ardell Wispies as I can find. Lashes, I think, are the one thing that can transform your look completely, and spending a good amount of time on camera, I now know I can never live without them! This super affordable brand offers enough shapes and sizes that you can change up your look according to occasion, but the Wispies are a full, yet natural, look that I use on the daily – yes, grocery store runs and all.

Hopefully this helps ease your mind a bit, when you realize your makeup is running low and your only source of refuge is where you also buy your toilet paper. And, honestly, not a bad idea to have some easily accessible products that you trust, especially if you’re forced to contemplate whether to splurge or steal. We all hate when that one, go-to, heavy-hitter beauty artifact gets discontinued, so it might be good idea to have a few options under your belt – you never know when you’ll find your next can’t-live-without product. Let’s be clear, there are some weapons in my makeup arsenal that I will never part with… but, these products have been top contenders and may be sticking around… even post-apocalypse. Enjoy, beauties!


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