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Over the course of nearly two decades, Lisa Robertson has become one of QVC’s most influential hosts and is the public face of the shopping channel at major fashion events, including Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week, as well as celebrity charity events like FFANY Shoes on Sale® and Super Saturday. She’s the host of her own show, “The Lisa Robertson Show,” as well as the static host of “Friday Night Beauty” and “PM Style®.”

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Occupation: QVC Host & TV Personality

Lisa Robertson grew up in rural Tennessee and found her way into the spotlight in 1989 when she was crowned Miss Tennessee in the Miss America Pageant. The trained classical violinist won the hearts of the judges and those in Tennessee’s rural communities by singing, playing both the violin and fiddle (Tennessee’s chosen instrument) and participating in numerous public-speaking engagements.

Now, over the course of nearly two decades, Lisa has become one of QVC’s most influential hosts and is the public face of the shopping channel at major fashion events, including Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week, as well as celebrity charity events like FFANY Shoes on Sale® and Super Saturday. She’s the host of her own show, The Lisa Robertson Show,” as well as the static host of “Friday Night Beauty”and “PM Style®.”

Lisa’s Definition of Beauty

As the queen of QVC, Lisa has seen it all when it comes to beauty and fashion products over her career.  When we spoke about her definition of beauty, Lisa agrees that beauty begins from the inside out, but the outside appearance does play a part in how people feel about themselves. “I think that if you’re someone who feels good about yourself, you tend to stand up straight and put a little more care into how you look.  I think there is a certain amount of care that goes with a certain level of self respect.  I think that sometimes people say that the outside doesn’t matter, but I think it’s a reflection and I think it’s an expression, and to expect people to assume that you are completely different in an area that they can’t see is sometimes unreasonable.”

Her Beauty Secrets

With a life virtually on camera, it’s important that Lisa look – and feel her best. “I try to eat very healthy, work out regularly and get as much sleep as possible,” says the 47-year-old host, who looks years younger.  A definite perk to working at QVC? “I get access to a ton of products.”  And although Lisa admits she has tried many over the years, she maintains a very clear favorites that she swears by. “First, the Clarisonic – if you’re not using it you’re crazy – it makes such a big difference!”  She also shares her favorite products: Dr. Perricones hydrating eye serum, Hope in a Tube from Philosophy and Derma quench by Kate Somerville.   “One thing I could never live without is my Bare Minerals foundation.  I love that stuff!  That’s where I feel like people make mistakes – in choosing their foundation.  After 40, my face started breaking out like a crazy teenager, which is definitely not helpful in my line of work (laughs), but I found Tria Blue Light was a huge help, too.  I’m like a walking science experiment!”

A Beautiful Thing: Doing Work She Loves

“As a child I never had a clear vision of what I wanted to be,” Lisa explains. “I grew up in a small town and never thought I’d be on TV.  Luckily I got a degree and fell into a job I love.”  This coming March, Lisa will celebrate 18 years having “grown up” on TV, though she admits feeling like pretty much the same girl from Tennessee who arrived in the studio many years ago. “I feel like my core traits are there, but I believe I have grown up a little bit and have learned to think before I speak a little bit more.”  When asked about her favorite part of the job, it was an easy answer for her: “It’s always different and that’s what I love.  If I’m bored, I fall asleep.  I love that with this job you never know what each day will bring.”

These days, in addition to her regular QVC hosting duties, the busy beauty is also the host of “The Lisa Robertson Show” and QVC’s red carpet events in LA.  “I love doing the show because of the overall product level and consistency. When I’m selling things that I love, it makes it so much easier.  I also love doing the red carpet events – they’re really fun and there is so much energy.”

Lisa’s Fashion Favorites for 2013

With such a bubbly and fun personality, Lisa jokes about her “must-have” accessory for the New Year – “George Clooney” (I think he is on most women’s list).  “Seriously though, I love a big bag! People can look at me and tell me all day that small bags are in, but they will never convince me.  In the spring, we are bringing in an ivory ostrich bag and I am dying for it! I can’t wait for it to get here.  It’s my line, G.I.L.I., and I love that bag – I have it in all four colors and I don’t leave home without it.” 

Secrets to Staying Young 

With such a crazy schedule and logging so many hours a day on air, it’s amazing how Lisa always looks so well rested. Her secret it making time to unwind. “If I have a few hours, it’s really all about sleep.  If I have more time than that I love to go to New York and see live theatre.  There isn’t anything like it. I mean, you see these actors like Judy Dench, Nathan Lane, George C. Scott and Hugh Jackman over the years.  These people on stage create an experience that is truly a moment in time, it’s truly unbelievable. I am really looking forward to the new Les Miserable movie; I’ve seen the show eight times.  It was the first show I ever saw on Broadway and I cried so hard, the lady behind me gave me a tissue.  Even after seeing it so often, the opening music can still bring me to tears.”

The Beauty of the World

“If I have a lot of time off, I love to travel,” Lisa explains. “I have a good friend who I travel with and we’ll just go to different places in the world we’ve never been.”  When asked if she could pick a favorite locale from her journeys, one country really stood out from the more  than 20 countries she has visited in her lifetime. “I was in India recently and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  I wasn’t sure I would like it, because when I would talk to people they would have such an extreme reaction – either they loved it or they would never go back. I really loved it, though; I thought it was one of the most enchanting places I have ever been. We are so much more of a homogenous culture globally now and to go somewhere that is really different is amazing.  It’s 98% Hindu and they look at the world through a very different philosophical and religious lens that still leads to them being a good person, but it is such a different point of view. To visit a Hindu Temple is such a different spiritual experience. I would highly recommend it.”

After traveling the world, I asked Lisa if she felt women around the world view beauty the same way we do in America. “I’ve always been interested in the universal concept of beauty. I was just reading one of your articles and I agree that symmetry is important.  I think there are cultural details that are unique to different cultures, but in general there are universal standards of beauty that apply.  When I was traveling in the countryside of India, I couldn’t believe the poverty these people lived in.  Not only was there no electricity or running water, there were homes that did not even have a door.  And out of all of this would come these amazing, beautiful visions of women … they looked like butterflies in these amazing saris that were deep fuchsia and bright red and covered in gold sequins.  They had nothing and they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.”

Lisa agreed that her example is a perfect illustration BELLA’s message that beauty can be found all around us,  “I love seeing how different women around the world express themselves and present themselves, as well as what is beautiful and what is unique and what is universal.  It just proves that you do not need to have as many laboratory experiments in your bathroom as I do, because they all looked beautiful.”

The Beauty of Giving Back

“I lost my mom to ovarian cancer a few years ago, after QVC started doing Super Saturday,” says Lisa, pointing out that the effort  is a cause close to her heart. “We don’t even have to find a cure to make a difference – we have to find an early test.  That’s it. If we could do that, we would save thousands of lives.”

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  • I think Lisa Robertson is the epitome of how every woman should present herself. I love her and try to present myself in a like manner. QVC is so lucky to have her as a host.

  • Lisa I lost my Mom in 2008 from Ovarian cancer and your right there is no early test, I always watch super Saturday and always donate to the cause I knew I liked you now I know why we share an awful thing in common, Dr. Dettino you showed one year was my Mom’s doctor, I watch qvc all the time, I love gili keep it coming

  • I was amazed to learn of her violin skills – would be wonderful to incorporate some of that into the Lisa Robertson show! I admire her kindness and zest for life.

  • Lisa has always been my favorite QVC host; she has grace, style and above all class! I am sorry to see her leave the network.

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