Amazing Tips for Feeling Confident on the Beach This Summer

By Ella Woodward

Feeling confident on the beach can be tough. You want to strip down to your swimwear and enjoy relaxing in the sunshine, chatting with your friends or playing with your kids. You want to be able to take a stroll in the shallows, try some water sports and indulge in an ice cream in the sun. In theory, you’d like to be able to do all of this without worrying about how your thighs look, sucking your tummy in, or comparing your body to the others that you can see all around you.

But it’s not easy. Even those of us who are fairly body confident and generally happy in our own skin can struggle when the layers start to come off, and believe it or not, all those perfect bodies that you can see are likely to be thinking along similar lines. They might even be jealous of you.

If you are sick of fun-filled beach days being ruined by your lack of self-confidence, constant comparisons, or thinking too much about how you look, then these tips for feeling more confident on the beach are for you.

Push Yourself

Many of us have specific body hang-ups. Women don’t want to show their arms or prefer to cover up their tummies, while men avoid taking their shirts off on the beach or wearing short shorts. We go out of our way to cover what we consider problem areas, worried about people looking at us.

Take crop tops, for example. Many women would love to wear one of the trendy options on the market but consider themselves too fat or too old for such an item. However, if they buy one, and start wearing it, soon they realise that no one is looking at them, and they stop worrying. Push yourself to stop covering up the parts of yourself that you don’t like, and you’ll start to think of them the same as you think of the rest of your body.

Treat Yourself to Awesome Swimwear

Fantastic swimwear can make you look amazing, supporting you in all the right places, but if it’s a piece that you absolutely love, it can boost your confidence, improve your mood, and attract all of the right attention.

If you are shopping for a bikini, take the time to find the best option for your body shape, as well as finding a pattern or colour that makes you smile. And if you are a man looking for some comfortable and stylish shorts to look and feel great in then take a look at the summer collection from Orlebar Brown. Orlebar Brown offers a range of eye-catching summer wear, including swim shorts in a variety of lengths to help you look and feel great on the beach.

Be Adventurous with Your Look

Summer is a fantastic time for both men and women to experiment with their styles, and a holiday when you are away from your usual crowd is an ideal time to take a risk and try a new look. Think about colours, patterns, or styles that you’d usually avoid, or that you love but don’t fit in with the look that you are used to. Make some bold choices for your holiday wardrobe, try new things, and see how they look. Being adventurous with your style is a great way to boost your confidence and change how you see yourself.

Cover Up

Being adventurous, pushing yourself, trying new things and exposing some skin on the beach is great. It can help you to feel amazing and enjoy your break. But it’s not for everyone. If the idea of stripping down to your swimwear is causing you anxiety, or if you avoid these summer days altogether because you can’t face it, don’t. No rule says you have to get your legs or tummy out on the beach. If you feel more confident covered up, that’s fine too. Just make sure you find some lightweight and cool options, like a loose kimono or some linen trousers, so that you can stay comfortable.

Plan Some Activities for Early in Your Break

Laying in the sun can be hard if you are feeling self-conscious. You might struggle to relax with a book or a cocktail. So, don’t. Book in some activities, like water sports, or tours, that mean you are moving around and have a lot to think about. You won’t have time to worry, and you’ll get used to dressing for summer. By the time you open your book on the sand, you’ll have adjusted.

Look Back at Previous Breaks

Most of us look back at our bodies five or ten years ago and think “I looked amazing, I wish I’d known” and “I wish I had that body now, I’d love it”. In ten years, you’ll look back at this summer and think the same. Remind yourself of this, and try to live in the moment, instead of wishing for a time gone by.

Don’t Compare

It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people, but it’s the best way to feel better on the beach.

Curate Your Social Media Channels

Spend some time deleting any followers or friends who fill your feeds with negativity, or who make nasty comments on your pictures. Instead, start following body positive accounts, and engaging with people who lift you.

Confidence doesn’t come easily to many of us, especially without a protective layer of clothing to hide away in. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time on the beach this summer. Look after yourself, prioritise summer skin care, be bold with what you choose to wear, and have fun. You’ll probably find that as soon as you start pretending that you are enjoying yourself and you don’t care about how you look, or what other people think of you, you’ll stop thinking about it and you’ll start to have a great time. When it comes to confidence, faking it until you make it is often the best way to go.

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