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An Exotic Treehouse Vacation


Have you ever wondered what it’s like being perched in a tree high above the Peruvian Amazon and afforded spectacular views of the rainforest? Perhaps not, but that’s no reason to ignore a wonderful opportunity to experience the Peruvian Amazon up close and personal. Rainforest Cruises now offers its passengers the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Peruvian Amazon and branch out with a special cruise and Treehouse Lodge package tour.

Rainforest Cruises, a boutique travel company specializing in traditional and authentic Amazon riverboat tours, takes guests aboard the luxurious Cattleya riverboat on the Amazon River. The package provides overnight accommodations high into the rainforest’s treetops with a stay at the Amazon Treehouse Lodge. The tour begins with a three-day/two-night stay in the Treehouse Lodge set in 345 acres of lush jungle space at the confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba Rivers. The lodge has eight en-suite bungalows ranging from 25 feet off the ground to a staggering 65 feet. Suites come with creature comforts that most would not expect to find high in the trees and in the middle of the jungle. Unique in its construction, high up in the rainforest canopy, this luxurious lodge will provide unrivaled views of the rainforest and the exotic creatures who call it home.

The suspension bridges and platforms of the Treehouse Lodge have been perfectly designed to allow guests to appreciate the incredible sights and sounds of nature that surround the canopy. Showers, sinks, toilets, fresh white linens, comfortable beds, and chairs are the standard. The entire structure of the bungalow is sealed by finely-woven mesh mosquito mesh nets so guests are protected while still providing unrivaled views of the Amazon.

Rise and shine to the sound of hundreds of monkeys and birds, including many species of tanagers, toucans and parrots. In the afternoon, head out on jungle walks to see the nearby giant water lilies, track down the colorful Hoatzin birds and search for the big-eyed Night Monkeys. During a morning tour, discover what the daily routine is like for the indigenous people of the Amazon with a visit to the local Jibaro community. See how they build their dugout canoes and experience their traditional way of fishing and hunting with bows and arrows and blow darts, and then enjoy a very special picnic lunch at the chief’s house. Explore the jungle on a night walk for a close encounter with the many creatures that come out to feed.

Daily activities at the lodge can be tailored to each guest, each lasting two to three hours, including daytime and nocturnal jungle walks to learn about medicinal plants, or to spot insects and night monkeys, piranha fishing in traditional dugout canoes, early bird watching, dolphin watching, and visits to the local Jibaro and Kukama communities as well as the butterfly farm. Tour prices begin at $695 and include two nights in the treehouse, all necessary transfers, all meals, purified water and juices, English speaking guides, and choice of daily excursions. Excluded is cost of drinks and airfares. Special packages can be designed for additional nights.

The chance to experience the wonders of the Amazon in such a unique fashion doesn’t come along every day. Rainforest Cruises invites you to join the adventure.

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