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An Intern’s Guide to the City


Once you’ve lived in a certain place for a long time, or perhaps if you’ve never moved, your home just becomes that… a home. Rarely do we take the time to explore our own city, because we already live there and know it, right? Wrong.

But still, it’s what we do. At home, we have our job, our family and friends, our daily routines. We save the exploring and sightseeing for vacations and weekend trips. Think again. There are always new places to find and new spots to fall in love with.

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Sometimes it helps to see your city through the eyes of someone else. That’s where I come in: I’m from Germany, and even though I’ve been to New York many times, this place never fails to amaze me. Being able to live here for a little while actually gives me butterflies because the possibilities are endless. I consider myself so lucky to be here and there will not be a single day that I don’t appreciate the opportunity. I want to get out there, find the coolest brunch spot, the nicest park to tan in and the best coffee in town. Get out of the subway at a random stop and just walk around, because you never know who or what you’ll run into.

This place can get crazy and that’s part of the reason why we love it so much. But if your excitement wears off – even after 10, 20, 30 years – take a minute and remind yourself: You’re in New York — the greatest city in the world.

And if you don’t find the time to explore, follow me on my adventures as I make my way through the Big Apple.

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