Anti-Aging Secrets: Treatments, Products & Habits


By Ysolt Usigan

 Many women will claim that they love getting older and wiser. But who are we kidding?  As great as it is to grow more sophisticated and enjoy some of the pleasures of being a grownup – becoming parents, grandparents, and so on – we can do without the wrinkles, age spots, and dark circles. Let’s revel in getting older, certainly, but let’s be wiser about caring for our skin.

Here, BELLA uncovers expert advice on some treatments, products, and habits to keep us looking young and fresh…

Try a Treatment. The biggest complaints by women as they get older are lines and circles. “Wrinkles, sagging, and pigmented skin are, in essence, damaged skin. The major contributors are the sun, lifestyle, and an unbalanced diet of not enough protein and not enough greens,” says Joanna Vargas, skin care guru to the stars. “Balancing these points can lead to improved overall health.”  Two main proteins that can keep your skin looking young and vibrant are collagen and elastin; elastin provides elasticity, while collagen provides firmness to the skin, Vargas points out. She suggests LED light therapy, a technology that can turn back time and literally erase any unwanted damage that exists from our younger, more carefree days of sun worship. Also, a microcurrent facial (also known as a “triple crown facial”) is a long-standing method of maintaining muscle tone in the face and for stimulating collagen and elastin production.   

At Ageless Remedies South Park, a medical spa in Charlotte, NC, aesthetician and owner Elaine Greenberg offers her clients fractional laser skin rejuvenation to tighten skin and rejuvenate collagen as well. “I also recommend microdermabrasion and chemical peels to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal young, healthy skin.” And if it’s too late for some of these treatments, you can turn back time with a photo facial, an intense-pulsed-light treatment that diminishes brown age spots. Botox and dermal fillers will erase wrinkles and restore youthful volume, as well. Such treatments are available at Staten Island-based operations like Renascence Skin and Laser Medical Spa and Remedispa.  

Play with Products. Not interested in lasers and injections? Try “Botox in a bottle.” Reality TV mom and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Kate Gosselin swears her youthful look is due to Ultimate Eye Lift Gel by Ole Henriksen ($38). Love her or hate her, one can’t deny how fabulous she looks – and after having eight children and going through the stresses that come with divorce, we can’t help but want to try the aloe vera-infused eye gel, too  It moisturizes, calms, and heals the skin, plus its Calendula extract is said to energize and soften the face. Added perks: The cucumber extract within helps tightens pores and can act as a decongestant, and its eyebright extract provides a quick fix that brightens eyes instantly. So you know those fatigued, puffy, and irritated eyes, and those fine lines you have after a long, hard day, week, month… fans of this hydrating revitalization product say they’ll disappear

It’s also smart to use an effective day cream. Not only will it protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun, it can also boost collagen, which will help slow down the signs of aging. With high levels of vitamin C for environmental protection and correction of oxidative stress, the Truth Revealed Super Creme by Ole Henriksen ($65) can also brighten, lighten, tighten, prevent, and correct lines and circles.

Go Au Naturel. “The most basic advice for staying healthy long term is to take a multi-vitamin every day,” says Trish Stack of Episciences, Inc., a dermatological product line based out of Boise, ID. “The multi-vitamin is formulated in the correct ratio of different vitamins and minerals to help your body function at its best. Isn’t it time that the same philosophy be thought about for skin?”  Anti-aging goes beyond a few key anti-oxidants. Rather, just like the rest of the body, the skin needs a blend of ingredients in precise concentrations to help it function at its best. According to Stack, Epionce is a multi-vitamin for your skin that has been researched in 15 independent full clinical studies on human patients. When used daily, she adds, your skin will be healthier and the visible signs of aging can fade away.  “The best scientific data in the cosmeceutical market today shows that a daily multi-vitamin for your skin is better than leading prescription retinoids,”  Stack adds.

From special facials to wrinkle-busting creams, getting older isn’t as bad as we thought. You can slow down the aging process with the habit makeovers proposed, or even rewind the years with the help of both costly and affordable treatments mentioned. Take care of your skin and age gracefully.

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