Artist Spotlight: Photography Submission “Mediterraneo”



The beauty of this day among the rocks was to seem isolated from the world, where the only sign of life to be seen was a small fishing boat. Here, in this peaceful and beautiful terrain, the model, Diana, felt free to express all her sensations and emotions.

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MODEL: Diana Delia Roman

24 year old model, Diana Delia Roman, was born in Timişoara, Romania, and moved to Milan, Italy, at age 11 with her mother. Diana studies design and photography at the Breta Academy of Fine Arts, as photography has always been a passion of hers. At an early age, Diana began using her father’s camera and would photograph everything in front of her.

Diana started her career as a photographer, but slowly realized that she loved being on the other side of the lens much more. In January of 2017 she started posing for a photographer friend and her journey into the modeling industry began. Diana has always studied the arts, but feels she has never been able to express herself as much as when she is in front of the lens.


Davide Giunta was born in Sicily in 1979. He studied communications and marketing, after having already run a successful Public Relations agency for 12 years. At that point, Davide decided to work as a freelancer, specializing in Visual Merchandising and Sales Strategies.

“In my heart there is always a passion for communication and photography, and I dedicate myself to organizing shooting for editorial projects, especially fashion,” says Davide. After meeting Diana through a mutual photographer friend, they began working on various projects together. Davide aspires, “Through photography I hope to make a dream come true, but I leave it in the ‘drawer.'”


Born near Milan, Italy, Daris Bozzoni always had a passion for photography, even as a child. At the age of 12, he took his first photograph, with his family’s film camera, and has never stopped shooting. Over the years, and approaching digital photography with instant style, Daris has recognized his preference for shooting outdoor environments, while playing with contrasts of light and utilizing natural subjects.

In these shots, Daris portrays his girlfriend, Diana, in Sicilian and Greek landscapes, throughout the most colorful moments of the day. The expression of colors and contrasts capture an almost mystical silhouette.


Model, Diana Delia Roman, @dyana_space

Publication Editor, Davide Giunta, @giunta_davide

Photographer, Daris Bozzoni,  @darisumarte

Location, Greek Island of Rhodes


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