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Ashley Hutson: Red Hot Paris in New York


Paris – Florida – New York –  Atlanta – Ashley Hutson can call many places home. That is, when she gets a break from traveling the globe attending high profile fashion events. Her web series Red Hot Paris follows her on her crazy adventures meeting designers and celebrities at events all over the world.  Ashley gave BELLA an inside look at her favorite moments so far, her summer fashion favorites and why staying real is her key to success.

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You have been to fashion events worldwide and have met many celebrities, what has been your personal highlight so far?

For me, being in fashion and meeting the designers, getting to talk to them and actually getting to pick their brain on why and how they do certain things, is so interesting!  Celebrity-wise, I think one of my favorite moments was when I saw Mary J. Blige in New York.

What is your favorite fashion trend for summer?

Lavender! I’m a huge fan of all one color, or tones of a color. It always tends to look classy and chic. I think you can really play with colors, so for summer there’s a lot of pastel happening, and lavender is my favorite!

Your online series Red Hot Paris follows you on your fashion adventures. How did this show come about?

When I moved to Paris (part-time) almost three years ago, I started going to all of these events (like the Grand Prix and Paris Fashion Week) so I started an Instagram account.  I didn’t know much about it and was really surprised about the reaction to it!

Living in both Paris and Florida you’ve experienced two very different places. If you had to choose only one of the two to live in for the rest of your life – which one would it be?

Definitely Paris. I just love the way the French live, I love the food and the lifestyle. There’s just a way of living over there, people want to enjoy everything. I think the quality of life is different, you feel like you’ve lived a lot more in a shorter period of time.

What can we expect to see on your show in the future?

A lot more! Up until now, we kind of went with the flow of what was happening. Things have evolved in a way that there will be a lot more organization to it. More people, because we’ve grown to a certain variety. More people want to get involved and we have a lot of fun characters joining in! We will try to get more access to great events to take you along. So we have cool stuff coming in the next six months!

What is your next travel destination?

I would love to go to Thailand, The Maldives and The Seychelles, those are the places I really want to go. Somewhere really exotic!

How do you define beauty?

To me, beauty is when you feel self-confident. And whatever that means to you, whatever number on the scale that is, whatever outfit that is: that is beauty. Because that shines from the inside out and everything on the outside is a reflection of that. It sounds cliché, but I believe that very strongly. When you walk into a room and you feel self-confident, that is powerful. That is beauty.

If you want to see more of Ashley and her crazy life and join her at events in Paris and beyond, go watch her series on the RedHotParis YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram @redhotparis!

Photos by Red Hot Paris

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