Ask the Experts: Dental Checkups During Pregnancy

DEAR DR. MERRIMAN: I am 5 months pregnant and it’s been 6 months since my last check up at my dentist’s office. Should I make an appointment now or after the baby? Linda M. 

DEAR LINDA: Now. Your second trimester is the ideal time to do any necessary dental procedures. Your preventive care is very important during this time for you and the baby! Periodontal disease has been linked to low birth weight in babies, and your fluctuating hormone levels can cause some changes in your gums. Also, it can be uncomfortable to be in a reclining position for a dental visit during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Last of all, having had 2 babies of my own, I know that once the baby comes, it may be a while before you can get out for appointments. Congratulations and enjoy this wonderful time!

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Be well, Do well, Live well,


Dr. Merriman


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