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Q: I want to be sure our wedding playlist is special and memorable, but I don’t know how to start. Help!

A: I enjoy DJing at weddings, especially when couples have obscure or uncommon musical tastes because that challenges me as an artist. Let’s start off with the vibe you are going for – do you want a non-stop dance party, or are you looking for a chill, relaxed atmosphere? Next, you need to think about your guest make up and cultural preferences. Not sure where to start with the music?  Let’s go with your iPod and the last 25 songs you listened to.  Is there a song you’ve been humming in the shower – even if it’s an annoying one? I want to know what couples don’t like as much as what they do like.  If you were stranded on a desert island with just one album, which would it be?  This initial info allows me to dig into my extensive library of tracks to build the perfect wedding soundtrack.  As an expert DJ, I’ll blend together a mix of songs and artists across genres and styles that will match the bride and groom’s tastes and expectations for their big night.

~ DJ Trife is a DJ for Scratch Weddings, a division of Scratch Music Group, co-founded in 2002 by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC and home to the Scratch DJ Academy, the world’s leading DJ learning center. For more information, call 866-955-8580, or visit


Q: My aunt is ill with cancer and we’re trying to find a unique and touching way for her to keep her memory alive for our family. What do you suggest?

A: I am deeply sorry to hear about your aunt. More and more, we all are being touched by someone who has been diagnosed with a terminally illness. It is very hard on both the individual and their families. 

Many people often don’t know what to leave behind. While jewelry, photographs and mementos are nice pieces to have, they only capture a moment in time … a moment without emotion or feeling. The stories behind these pieces sometimes get forgotten or change as the years go on from our lapse in memory or passing on to another generation – like playing telephone when were kids.

The only real way to capture memories is to create a movie with an interview and images. 

That may seem like a daunting task, but I have created a non-profit called Memories Live that helps people with life-limiting illnesses preserve their images, stories and wisdom by creating personalized movies to pass onto their loved ones at no charge. Your aunt will have the chance to share family history, personal stories and experiences and advice to loved ones in the form of a live interview. Her family and friends will have the opportunity to be able to hear her voice and see her face whenever they want to by simply watching her personal movie on their television or computer screen.

Many people find it hard to approach the subject of creating a Memories Live movie to their loved ones. But I have learned that it is harder on those left behind than those who are terminally ill. The process is very cathartic, empowering and a noninvasive experience, and the individual can feel as if she or she has now left behind a very valuable legacy.

~ Kerry Glass is the founder of Memories Live. To learn more, visit

shutterstock_101451547Q: My feet are constantly in pain! I have tried so many different types of shoes, inserts, moisturizers, etc. Could it be that I am not wearing the right shoes or even the right shoe size?

A: You are not alone! Seventy-five percent of the population suffers from foot pain and there is no reason to. We pick out the right moisturizer for our skin type and clothes for our body type, but what about our foot type? I recently founded and patented Wellness Biomechanics ®, a “foot typing” system that identifies structural attributes that can make you more susceptible to different types of foot discomfort.

My method divides the foot type into five categories based on the biomechanics of the front and back section of the foot. The way your foot adapts its shape when weight is applied is a major indicator of your foot health. It shows where you are likely to get blisters, what shoes will feel best, and if not properly foot typed where you will develop problems with your ankles, legs and back. For example, if the muscles in on part of your foot are weak, oftentimes your calf will over compensate, which can cause tightness. A leg massage might relieve the pain, but it’s only treating the symptom, not the cause.

Over 50 podiatrists around the country are using my patented system of foot typing. They are identifying sources of weakness and strength, and then offer customizes orthotics to train foot muscles to deliver the best combination of support and stretch.

~Dr. Dennis Shavelson is a New York City-based board certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon who invented and patented Wellness Biomechanics® as an alternative to traditional paradigms by enabling practitioners to treat foot problems preventatively – before, during or after pain and injuries arise. For more information, visit

shutterstock_95013022Q: It seems like even celebrities aren’t flaunting perfectly spaced teeth these days. How is that changing dentistry? 

A: Imperfect smiles are all over pop culture today but it’s important to understand that orthodontic treatment is more than an aesthetic measure. It assists children with speech development and adults with pronunciation; it aids in proper digestion; and it prevents gingivitis and periodontitis. As an orthodontist, I would advise celebrities like Michael Strahan and Anna Paquin to undergo orthodontic treatment for their overall health but their influence has, however, led to positive changes in orthodontic offices.

We’ve seen a move among patients toward improving upon natural characteristics – patients no longer want what they consider a “cookie cutter” result with “quick” fixes like veneers. While veneers are great options in some cases, they are no longer the only option for patients under tight timelines. Advances like Invisalign and Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics cut orthodontic treatment time is cut in half. It’s important for oral and overall health and wellness to have an orthodontic evaluation by age seven and that adults with bite and spacing issues have them addressed. Today orthodontists offer the best of both worlds – a quick timeline and discretion, as well as a beautiful smile truly your own that lasts a lifetime.

~ Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling is a NYC-based orthodontist with a practice on 40th Street between Park and Madison Avenue. Visit to learn more.

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