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It may be snowing in New York City, but that doesn’t keep us from having Spring on our minds. With warm weather surely right around the corner, we can’t stop thinking of all the great ways to celebrate. Award winning French brand Maille, known for their gourmet mustards (who also have a shop on the UWS), is set to introduce their latest garden-inspired varieties for those looking to add some Spring into their cooking. The limited edition Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs (the chefs’ secret gardens) collection will be available from March 21st through August 31st.

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The unique mustard trio introduce three new flavor profiles — Beet with a Touch of Honey, Olive with Herbes de Provence, and Carrot with a Hint of Shallot. With culinary trends coming and going as quickly as the restaurants that display them, one thing is for sure this season – veggies are in! Many celebrity chefs are making vegetables the stars of their dishes rather than just a side, which means Maille is right on trend with this new collection. Perfect for any hostess or home cook, these new flavors can add a little extra oomph to your dishes. Here’s how:

Maille Spring Summer Collection 2016 - Mustard with White Wine Beet and a Hint of Honey - Open Jar - Pack Shot
Beet with a Touch of Honey –
Serving suggestionsAdd extra depth to cold or hot borscht, or make a beautiful Dijon vinaigrette fora salad of orange and fennel. For entertaining, serve on crostini with creamy goat cheese and slivered almonds or with whipped ricotta and chopped pistachios. Use as a spread to elevate even a simple turkey sandwich.
Maille Spring Summer Collection 2016 - Mustard with Olives and Herbes de Provence - Open Jar - Pack Shot
Olive and Herbes de Provence- 
Serving suggestionsA perfect complement to roasted eggplant and cauliflower. Add a spoonful to refreshing gazpacho, or smear atop grilled lamb chops. For entertaining, spread on flatbread then top with crumbled feta cheese or amp up the classic bruschetta recipe. Perfect for potato and pasta salads or as a sophisticated spread for tuna sandwich.
Maille Spring Summer Collection 2016 - Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallot - Open Jar - Pack Shot
Carrot with a Hint of Shallot-
Serving suggestionsSpread on the tart dough of a vegetable quiche, or use in a creamy dressing for spinach salad or shredded cabbage slaw. Mix with fresh thyme and slather on beef before roasting for a new take on classic stew. Top a flaky white fish for a burst of flavor, or swirl into a spring vegetable soup. For entertaining, add to yogurt to yield a refreshing dip for crudités or grilled vegetables. 
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