Athletic Wear Company, REDVANLY, Donates Masks To Bella’s Festival Of Hope

An athletic wear brand founded on the grounds of a strong family bond and a passion for sports, introducing REDVANLY.

Andrew Redvanly, Founder of Redvanly, had a great love for sports and played hockey throughout his college career.  He soon graduated and went to work at a sports talent agency, where he had a light bulb moment, and decided to create an activewear brand for those competing.  His cousin, David, soon became the brand’s first investor, and his brother Eric became head of operations.  From this point on, they built the company from the ground up, making it relevant worldwide. Each decision made, regarding the brand, is handled with love and delicacy, whether it be over a late night fire, family barbecue, or a round of golf.

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“In regards to our hopes, we want to continue to disrupt the athletic wear market by continuing to raise the bar, and introduce new fabrics and products that give athletes as much of an edge as we possibly can. If we can continue to do that, we will always have a significant place in the market.”

Redvanly so generously donated over 100 custom masks to our 8th Annual Hamptons Cover Party, in partnership with BELLA Brand Partners, Dune Jewelry. The white masks were splashed with the Dune logo in our signature shade of yellow – the color of HOPE.

“We believe in giving back and doing as much as we can. In this crazy time, the little things can really help, and we were happy to donate the masks!”

BELLA would like to send their love and a huge thank you to the Redvanly team for keeping everyone safe during our event, and for making our staff and guests feel comfortable and stylish. Check out the entire gallery from our Festival of Hope for more!


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