Author Farissa Knox Shares Tips On How To Spice Up Your Love Life During Quarantine

The beautiful, strong-spirited, and talented Farissa Knox, is not only author of Love, Sex, and Friendship: In No Particular Order, but also the director/producer of PRGIRL on Amazon prime. Knox shared with BELLA a little inside look at her life as a mother and business woman. She also dished her tips on how to get through quarantine and spice up your love life while you’re stuck at home, while continuously using her platform to educate others on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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Farissa Knox really is a jack of all trades, being a wife, mother, writing her book at the age of 24, producing and directing her reality TV show, and starting her own fashion production company, WhatRUWearing ProductionsWRUW Productions started as a platform for women to show each other what they were wearing on a day to day basis, and overtime transitioned into a safe place for people to thrive off of creative content, beauty, fashion, the hottest music videos, and more. 

“When I sat with myself to really figure out what is the most valuable thing about the company, it was the content.  I had thought to myself about PRGIRL and was like, ‘Wow, I am a director, a producer, a show creator’ and it had taken me this long to realize that I was doing the same thing with WhatRUWearing, which is when I rebranded it to what is has really been the entire time, a production company where I was producing smaller things, but really trying to find my true producer/director self.”

Knox’s, PRGIRL is a reality television series based off of women in public relations, focusing on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more.  It is an inside look at their professional lives with a touch of personal.  The idea of PRGIRL was to get all the juice of your typical everyday “Kardashian” reality tv show, but with the importance of showing what it is like to be a business woman, and not just the latest guy on your radar, or the newest bag in your closet (although we all love the hottest gossip).

“…the girls are beautiful, they are inspiring, dynamic, fashionable, they are all those things but they are also badass business women.  They have a career, goals, they are focused; And I think it is just as important to talk about those things.”

These days, the busy yet motivated woman spends her time working from home with a full house, not only getting herself, but her loved ones through the quarantine.  While it hasn’t been easy, it has definitely made her adapt quickly to all the “new normals” the world has thrown at us in the past few months. 

“Kids are so cool when you let them be malleable, and adapt to this world they are growing up in.  Instead of making them afraid, lets give them the methods to be okay with taking extra precautions, like wearing a mask.”

Regarding the recent events surrounding the BLM Movement, Farissa Knox shares her insights as to how voting plays an important role in wanting to not only change the big picture, but the smaller factors that are included as well.  Let’s not only talk about the problems our world is facing, but stand up to them with strong actions and motivation!  She expresses that nobody is alone in this, and strives to use her platform to inspire people, and to portray the beginning of this long term relationship with the world, instead of a two week fad on social media.

“…people feel a little bit of FOMO from all of this black beautifulness that they have been missing out on…Its like someone saying ‘Oh look Farissa Knox just became famous’, but no, I’ve been here doing this for a while, what’s new is you.  You are the one who now knows about me, congratulations.  I want the media to take that approach to putting black media and people in the forefront.”

Knox discusses how life is not life without love, sex and friendship.  Is she wrong?! These three things are the most important factors, including loving your self!  So…let’s keep love alive in quarantine! 

“I think something fun to do would be to get up and get dressed.  Even if it’s just to stay home.  I would totally put on lipstick and high heels, or even lingerie to make dinner, your clothes dictate your mindset!  The reaction you get from that will be the spark that carries the rest of the night!”

Knox defines love, as the ability to look at yourself or the person you are in love with, with full acceptance and an open heart.  To not have that desire to judge someone or change them, and only have total appreciation.

“…sometimes I tell my husband my goal is that ‘I want to love you so hard that the smell of your stinky feet smells like perfume to me’…thats the love I strive for.”

All this being said, I think it’s safe to say everyone needs a Farissa in their lives for inspiration, motivation, tips, or even a good, fun laugh.  


“…I as a black woman who is a mother, wife, business owner, mentor, and creative, can be myself. Unapologetically who I am.”

-Farissa Knox

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You can buy her book , Love, Sex, and Friendship: In No Particular Order on and follow her Amazon Prime TV series, PRGIRL.


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