Autumn Anointments

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I used to think the worst of beauty oils and it really had nothing to do with the oil itself. It was mainly because every time I would travel I would loose half of it in my cosmetic case. Even when enclosing it in a Ziploc bag, the bottles – no matter how tight they were sealed, still gave me the added surprise of escaped oil. Fast-forward to us being grounded for the foreseeable future (thanks pandemic!) and I am back on the oil bandwagon. Of course, now that it’s fall the cooler air tends to dehydrate even the most moisturized skin. Oils are a nice way to enhance our skincare routine either as a base, or part of the repair. Plus, a little goes a long way. Here are some skincare notables:

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Face (Women):

Cultivate Apothecary takes you from farm (the nineteenth-century Stonegate Farm, to be exact) to face. Committed to a low carbon footprint, the custom-blend Day (Awaken) to Night (Moonlight) serums gives you round-the-clock benefits. Inspired by the beautiful nature of New York’s Hudson River Valley, the apothecary utilizes the herbs, fruit and flowers grown on the farm for their botanical beauty and wellness line. The 3 different serum combinations tackle normal/dry, combination and mature or sensitive skin. Created with an Estate Blend of organic calendula, comfrey leaf, chamomile and lemon balm each serum is contained in a decorative amber flint-glass apothecary bottle.

Face (Men):

BIOGRAPHY’s entire collection focuses on facial oils using high quality potent botanicals, so it’s no surprise they made one for males as well. BIOGRAPHY offers up a multi-purpose oil great for a shave, a beard and the overall face. A Few Words uses a unique combination of radish, black cumin, sandalwood among other ingredients to get the job done right.


My friends at Sanctuaire, a lifestyle shop focusing on BIPOC owned brands put me on to the UK’s own NARLOA. With no-fillers, artificial fragrances, NARLOA’s products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Check out the Rose Garden or Marigold body oil this season. Each with a special concoction of natural ingredients like Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, sunflower, apricot, jojoba – the bottles are as beautiful to look at and display, as they are to use.


Maybe all that heat styling isn’t so hot (pun intended) after all. The Oil from Crown Affair is created with both traditional and modern Japanese ingredients. The Tsubaki seed oil helps with deep hydration and Meadow foam seed oil for protection I was concerned that the oil was going to make my hair greasy, and weigh down my hair but in fact the formula is quite smoothing and helps with humidity. The fragrance of Italian bergamot, yuzu, and lemongrass is subtle but lasts all day long.


Who likes chapped lips or fine lines? Soap & Glory’s Treat My Lips Ultra-Smoothing Lip Oil, helps reduce fine lines and dryness. Made from Orchid Flower and Rosehip oil, it increases the tone and moisturizes skin. In an easy to apply tube it will be your new BFF this fall.


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