B. Human by BELLA Magazine: Aiding In The Fight To End Child Trafficking

As BELLA’s B. Human initiative begins to grow, it is important that we continue to share the voices of the disadvantaged, shine a light on worthy causes, and use our platform for positive change. Kicking off with World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30th, B. Human recently decided to dedicate its humanitarian efforts to supporting the fight against child trafficking, and has since begun the journey into sharing information and the devastating statistics surrounding this movement. There are more people enslaved today than ever in history, and of the 30 million slaves in the world right now, 10 million are children. In addition to our efforts to educate and inform, we will also be partnering with Operation Underground Railroad, O.U.R., to share their mission and help raise vital funds to support their work.

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Founded by Timothy Ballard, former Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, O.U.R. has rescued over 3,800 victims and assisted in arresting more than 2,100 traffickers. Comprised of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-trafficking efforts, including CIA and law enforcement officials, OUR leads an Operations Team specializing  in identifying and extracting victims of child slavery. O.U.R. also provides necessary aftercare for victims, which fosters the healing process by facilitating proper medical care and access to social workers, as well as continuing support through collaboration with aftercare centers.

“Operation Underground Railroad exists to eradicate child trafficking, the global trade in our children that results in their enslavement for sex and labor.” – OUR Rescue

With a servant’s heart and an empowered spirit, you can join us in our mission to raise awareness, share factual information, provide fundamental resources, and ultimately aid in the fight to help end child trafficking. The proceeds from all of our B. Human merchandise will go directly to O.U.R.

Learn more about O.U.R.donate directly, or shop B. Human to support!


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