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Beach Beautiful: What to Pack for Your Next Weekend Getaway

By Eddie Wunderlich

Here are some must-have hair products to take along on your next vacation to help maintain the integrity of your hair. After all, what’s a getaway unless you look—and feel—your very best?

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Self-Care for Your Hair

You’ll love Kérastase’s Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo, a nourishing after-sun shampoo that restores smoothness and nourishes your hair while providing sun protection and removing the residues of chlorine, salt, and sand. You’ll also want to arm yourself with Nutritive Masquintense, which delivers optimal nourishment for healthy hair, and revitalizes, illuminates, intensely nourished sun-exposed hair. Lastly, Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum delivers eight hours of overnight hair nourishment while creating soft, easily detangled hair. $56,

Dry Hair Dilemmas?

No worries! Turn to L’Huile de Parfum Fragrance in Hair Oil for a fresh scent. The secret of this dual-purpose oil is that it’s great to scent your hair, as well as add a lovely summer glow to your skin. Even better—you can apply it on wet or dry hair. Want to know a secret? You can also bronze your legs with L’Huile de Parfum before summer cocktails by the bay. 50ml: $37,

Stay Colorful This Summer

Whether you’re lounging poolside or catching waves, here are a few tips to prevent your hair color from fading or discoloration.

  • Prior to going in the water, mist your hair with Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. This will dampen and coat your hair with a protective shield.
  • After cooling off, rinse your hair immediately. This will help avoid oxidation.

The high pH of tap water alone can cause hair cuticles to raise, allowing hair to take on water, swell, stretch, and become weak. That’s why you’ll want to grab a travel-sized bottle of Mizani’s go-to leave-in protect and help maintain the integrity of your hair. 6.5oz: $23,

Flex at the Beach

Who doesn’t love a good “flex” session—especially at the beach?! If you’re weather-prepping your hair or detangling your tresses after a long day in the sun, The Flex Brush packs a powerful punch! For wet or dry hair, the Flex Brush bends to perfectly meet the contours of your head, massaging your scalp and stimulating the production of natural oils, hence promoting hair growth, reducing static, and preventing breakage. With vents allowing heat to pass through, blow-drying won’t damage your brush. It’s perfect for curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, extensions, a sensitive scalp, and more. Various styles/prices,

Fresh Curls

Keep those curls fresh after a day at the beach, or serve a look in the sand with the DevaCurl DevaTwist Anti- Frizz Micro Fiber Towel. When you’re short on time and long on tasks, this towel wrap is your new bestie. The soft, microfiber fabric helps dry your curls without roughing them up like a terrycloth towel tends to do. Its roomy crescent shape is great for all curl types and securely fastens so you can do other things while yourcurls dry. Twist on, move on! $24,


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